Update for Onetastic: Pin to Desktop, Improvements, Bug Fixes

February 02, 2012

An update for Onetastic add-in is available with new features, improvements and bug fixes. You heard it right: bugs. We already have bugs. Software without bugs would be so boring, right? Anyway, if you already have Onetastic installed, you should get an "Update Available" button on your ribbon under Onetastic group which will take you directly to the download page. And here is the new stuff:

Pin to Desktop

Last week Daniel Escapa sent an e-mail to a group of people in the team saying:
"I just was thinking about someone wanting to create a powertoy which pins the currently viewed page to the desktop. Might be a fun little project for someone."
This was a nice idea, I replied back:
"This can be added to Onetastic."
This had similar intentions with a request that came from the very first commentator on this web site, Ben:
"I've wanted a 'favorites' bar in onenote for years. We have gigantic volumes of onenote documents here across many notebooks and it is painful to search through. I have many common pages I go to and a favorites bar would be awesome."

So here it is; a button on the ribbon that will create a shortcut to the current page on your desktop. Double clicking the shortcut will open up OneNote and navigate to that page. Pin to Desktop A favorites bar could be the next step on this feature. What do you think?

Crop for printouts

Crop feature introduced by the earlier update worked only on images, and not printout pages. Several people asked for it, and it just needed some extra work to handle printout pages. It is now available.

Performance improvements

Crop/Rotate and Cleanup Printout features can take a long time based on how much content you have on the page. For reference my home computer which is pretty fast, required 28 seconds to rotate a page from a 12 page printout. Rotating an equal size regular image, using OneNote's built-in rotate function, which is not available on printouts, is instantaneous. This is an unfortunate result of the combination of OneNote add-in model, where an add-in can only request the whole page content, not just the selected portion of it, as well as a couple of performance bugs in OneNote. But that wasn't all. Onetastic was also not optimal, or at least could work around some of the issues caused by the model. I made some changes to avoid doing some of the processing and the result was much better, though not instantaneous. The same test (rotate a page of 12 page printout) now takes half the time, about 14 seconds. Of course all these will depend on your hardware, but let me know if you notice any difference.

To improve this experience a little further, I added progress indicators on these long operations, from which you can even cancel it if you change your mind and don't want to wait. Progress

Rotated printout images on the web

You can store your OneNote notebooks on SkyDrive or SharePoint and access from multiple computers, smart phones and even through a browser using the OneNote web application. Printout pages on OneNote have underlying XPS documents to allow high fidelity vector based rendering even if you zoom into them, however to make it easy for other clients to render these pages, OneNote also keeps a raster based image. OneNote web application would use this raster based image to render the page. Onetastic used to only rotate the vector based image and not update the raster based one. This allowed rotation to be observed in OneNote 2010, but if you were to go to the OneNote web application on SkyDrive or SharePoint, you would see the page still in the original orientation. With this update, these web images will also be rotated (or flipped or cropped).

Crash on missing image size

Malte Ahrens reported that trying to crop an image that you copied from a web site may crash Onetastic. This happened when the web site did not specify a size for the image and Onetastic would expect to see a size on it. This is now fixed.

Weird crop result when aspect ratio is not original

I found this issue while trying to crop an image, which I resized only vertically, so the aspect ratio was not the same as original any more. Crop would end up doing something really weird, you can try before upgrading if you want to see what it did. This is also fixed with this update.

OCR on rotated printout pages and cropped images

OneNote runs Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on images so that you can search the text in the image. Once it runs OCR it stores the information as to where the text is on the image. When printout pages are rotated by Onetastic this information was not cleared, so a search on the text on a rotated printout page would show the old location of the text on the image, which is the location prior to the rotation. Now it is clearing this information so that OneNote will re-process it and correct the data. This was also an issue with cropped images and is now fixed.

OneCalendar crash

User dirmansyah reported a crash in OneCalendar that is observed when "Run Single Instance" is checked and OneCalendar is launched from Onetastic. The standalone version did not have the issue. This should now be fixed. OneCalendar will not auto update for this as the standalone version is fine. This was a bit late for this release but I was able to fit it in.

RSS Feed

Finally an update for the site, I added an RSS feed if you want to follow updates through that. The URL is: http://www.omeratay.com/onetastic/rss. You can find the RSS icon RSS Feed at the end of the top menu.

If you find any issues, bugs or if you have any feedback, please use the comments form below.


johnb25 - 2017-04-12
Thanks Omer,
I solved my issue; I forgot I had moved the shortcut to my Startup folder. :)
Omer Atay - 2017-04-11
johnb25: It just creates a shortcut to the page and the pinned shortcut would keep working as long as the page is at the same location. You can delete the shortcut, it won't delete the page.
johnb25 - 2017-04-11
What exactly does Pin to Desktop update (OneNote 2013/Win 10)?
I have just migrated from an old to new laptop, both Win 10, and a page I had pinned to desktop on my old laptop still opens automatically on my new laptop, even though I did not recreate the pin.
I work in a large corp, and IT did the migration. They don't copy over the Roaming profile, just Documents, mail etc. OneNote notebooks are saved under \Documents\OneNote Notebooks.
How could I unpin my page without deleting it? I know I could copy and recreate, but curious about what gets updated.


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