Resizable Dialog Boxes and Version Info

September 09, 2016

A minor update is available for Onetastic that would be mostly useful for Macro developers. This update makes certain dialog boxes with lots of text resizable among a few other minor fixes and improvements.

Resizable Macro Editor Dialogs

Previously the following dialog boxes that Onetastic shows from Macro Editor and the Macro>Settings menu were not resizable. Now you can resize them to fit more content on the screen:

Find your version number and license information

Customers sometimes have a hard time finding out which version of Onetastic they are running. A new menu item is added to the Macro > Settings menu to show the currently installed version:

Settings Menu

You can see at the bottom where it says "Onetastic 3.1.2". You can also use this button to activate your license if you purchased Onetastic Pro. When you click on the button, it will display the license dialog:

Onetastic Pro Dialog

After clicking "I have a product key", you can enter your e-mail address and product key to activate Onetastic Pro;

Product Key Entry Dialog

After you activate, this menu item will indicate that you now have Onetastic Pro:

Onetastic Pro Indicator

Sample Macros

Along with this update there are some minor fixes in the Macro documentation where access levels of some properties were incorrect. Also some sample macros are uploaded to Macroland to help Macro developers understand certain concepts. You can find all these under Samples Category. More samples will be uploaded in the future. If there is a certain sample you would like to see, let us know.

Bug Fixes

Finally this update fixes a small bug where font and highlight colors of Text objects are incorrect during macros.


Omer Atay - 2016-09-28
Josh B: Thanks for the report. Please send a screenshot to
Josh B - 2016-09-28
Great app/plugin.
Hover for OneCalendar/OneNote worked great on my old Windows 7 machine but on my new Windows 10 machine the text spacing/sizing is all weird in the hover window to make it virtually unreadable.
Any idea why or how I can fix?

Omer Atay - 2016-09-27
DannyD: Macros currently can't navigate to pages, however you can use the Favorites feature to do this. See for more info

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