Page Previews are Working Again

September 23, 2013

Last update which added High DPI support to OneCalendar broke the page previews, such that you would see an empty page when you hover over a page link. This is now fixed with the latest update and you should have your page previews back. Thanks to user michael for reporting this.


RobertSr - 2015-12-04
Hello making friends, Your Astella 8 *.
Omer Atay - 2013-10-12
Avi: Normally latest Onetastic contains latest OneCalendar. Apparently I didn\'t update it when OneCalendar was updated. OneCalendar automatically updates itself so that should take care of it.
Avi - 2013-10-09
Looking again I understood my mistake.
I thought that latest Onetastic contains latest OneCal,
It seems it is needed to take latest OneCal in addition to Onetastic 2.5.2

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