Onetastic 3 is Here with New Macro Language

June 20, 2016

Onetastic 3.0.0 is now available with a completely new Macro Language. The new language is similar to modern programming languages with concepts like rich expressions, comments and operators. With these, writing complex macros can be greatly simplified. The new expression editor makes it easy to edit macros with built-in syntax checking and function reference. Following is an example of code from the macro Insert DD Month YYYY:

Modify property(value) --> add DateTime_Day()

Modify property(value) --> add " "

Modify property(value) --> add DateTime_MonthName_Long()

Modify property(value) --> add " "

Modify property(value) --> add DateTime_Year()

This can now be written as:

$date = DateTime_Now();

$text.value = DateTime_Day($date) + " " + DateTime_MonthName_Long($date) + " " + DateTime_Year($date)

The new language is also more powerful with ability to work on multiple objects at the same time and functions that allow finding parent objects. Check out the fully updated documentation and start using the new Macro Language.

What happens to old macros?

Your macros will be automatically upgraded to the new language after installing Onetastic 3 so that if you have custom macros, they will continue to work the same. All macros in Macroland are also upgraded. Some of those macros are re-written to take advantage of the new syntax and features. Your old macros will also be backed up. If you need to go back to a previous version of Onetastic, they will be around and they will still work fine.

Code Signed Binaries

With this update all Onetastic and OneCalendar binaries are now code signed. This way you can verify that the downloaded files are not tempered with using the signature.

New Download Macros Menu

The Download Macros button is converted into a menu which displays all available macros in Macroland with categories, titles and descriptions. This way you can check out all the macros and read their descriptions right within OneNote.

Download Macros Menu

New Website URL

Finaly, Onetastic website is now available at new SSL enabled Enjoy the new website and the new update.

Report any issues

This is a big update, and big updates always come with their issues, so if you hit any, please report below.


Omer Atay - 2017-10-08
bernoullies: You need to insert new Paragraph into the Outline that contains the date
bernoullies - 2017-10-03
Hi community. I have been trying unsuccessfully to find how to code in a new line after inserting the date. After I insert the date I would like it to drop down to the next line. I am currently using the "Insert Time Stamp ISO" macro.
Thanks Pros
nunof - 2017-03-28
SO totally not worth the $15 a year. Given how minuscule these macros feature  on a daily/weekly or even monthly basis, I'd feel totally ridiculous spending so much money on something so infrequently used. I really suggest they rethink their marketing strategy here.

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