Microsoft Brings back Mainstream Support for OneNote 2016

November 04, 2019

Today Microsoft announced that it will extend mainstream support for OneNote 2016, reversing their earlier decision to stop adding new features to OneNote 2016. This means you can continue to use OneNote 2016 and enjoy the benefits of Onetastic for the foreseeable future. OneNote 2016's support dates are being aligned to that of Office 2019. Office 365 subscriptions are being also updated to include OneNote 2016 by default in the near future.

You can find the announcement at:

There is also an FAQ about the announcement available at:


Deborah - 2020-05-19
Love Onetastic!  Thank you all developers who make my day easier and more productive.  A macro suggestion, merge two existing notebooks into one (or merge one into another).
PZBJMLFB - 2020-05-04
Continued support of OneNote 2016 is great news. The more I use Onetastic, the more I dread having to convert to a OneNote version in which I cannot use Onetastic.
cornsplicer - 2020-05-03
I have just discovered this nifty tool and am trying to get my head around the commands and syntax. I am currently stuck on how to get the macro to operate on a specific Section. There is the GetCurrent Section() command, which is no good as I want to work on a different Section; but nothing that equates to "GetSection = "XYZ" .  Is there any documentation showing how to do it, as I am not seeing it in the online "How to" manual. Forgive me if I'm being stupid and missing the obvious method!

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