Update for Onetastic: Non-admin Install, DateTime Functions Fixed and Various Bug Fixes

July 21, 2013

An update for Onetastic is available, not too long after the last one which introduced functions for Macros. This new update brings a few small improvements and bug fixes. Full list below:

Non-admin install

Onetastic installer required the user to be an admin on the local machine, which is not the case for some users in corporate domains. The installer would request elevation and upon entering administrator password, it would install it for the administrator, not the user who started the installation process. Therefore the only way to install was to give the user administrator privileges. The installer no longer requires this, however you still need an admin to elevate it, and it will install Onetastic for the non-admin user who started the installation. I only tried it on my laptop, so there may be cases where this still doesn't work, let me know if this doesn't fix your scenario.

DateTime Functions

User DL-IND reported that DateTime functions return time in UTC, instead of local time. Also apparently some DateTime functions did not return a value. This should now all be fixed. All times will be local.

2013 Compatibility

Onetastic had a button to cleanup orphaned printout pages, which caused an annoying yellow bar (see details at the bottom of this page). This button is not needed in OneNote 2013 because the bar was removed. Onetastic will no longer display Cleanup Printouts button if client is OneNote 2013.

Other Bug Fixes

Several features of Onetastic displays a window or a dialog box. Due to OneNote's add-in model, these modal dialog boxes sometimes would cause random hangs and both OneNote window and the Onetastic window would be non-responsive. Also due to a defect, under OneNote 2013, any dialog boxes displayed from the Macro Editor would hide the Macro Editor and re-display it after the dialog is closed. These windowing issues are now fixed. They were reported by several users, let me know if you still hit issues.

Also a crash that occurs while reading hyperlink property of newly added objects in Macros is now fixed. This was also sent by a user as a crash report, so thank you for the report.


Omer Atay - 2018-05-08
tomiwoj: There is no way to install without admin access. You would need your IT admin to help you with installatino
tomiwoj - 2018-05-08

When I try to install onetastic on my work computer, it requires my admin access.
I wonder if there exist any portable version or other possibility to get it on computer without admin access when I already have it installed on my home PC with Pro license.

Thank you

Best regards
ralf - 2015-07-07
why isnt possible to install the Onetastic.dll
via Add-In menu in OneNote ?
--> no valid office add-in


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