Macros beyond Current Page and Macroland, a repository for Macros

March 15, 2013

Onetastic shipped an update last September that adds the ability to author and execute macros in OneNote. This added tremendous value to the extensibility of OneNote and made things like Search and Replace possible through a simple macro language. However macros only had the ability to update the current page which limited what they can do. It was clear from the comments of several users that having macros to run on more than current page can add a lot more value. An update is available today that extends macros to run across all open notebooks and allows them to insert pages and different kinds of page content. So now you can search and replace text on all pages in a section or notebook and you can do things like inserting tables into pages through macros.

Macroland: A repository for macros

I am also pleased to announce Macroland, a repository for downloadable macros. I uploaded several macros there which you can review, rate, comment on and most importantly download. When you download a macro from Macroland it will install it on the fly and make the macro available in your Home tab so that you can start using it right away. Macros downloaded from Macroland requires the latest version of Onetastic, so be sure to download and install it before trying to download any macros. I will continue uploading more macros there in the upcoming weeks so be sure to check every once in a while for new additions. You can use the Download Macros button in OneNote to directly go to the Macroland page.

Currently Macroland is not open for submissions from users, but soon you will be able to upload your own macros as an easy way to share your work with other OneNote users. I hope that the users who are not only enjoying the built-in macros but also creating new ones for their use will make them available to all of us through Macroland. That will make it possible to grow beyond what I can manage all by myself.

Enjoy the new additions to the macro language and Macroland. Feel free to share your ideas about further improvements.


rcosen - 2014-07-04

I,ve uploaded a Macro that does not work. I tried to modify the Undimm Tags Macro trying to extend the action of the macro to current page \\section \\ notebook \\ all notebooks...

Any help? that would be usefull to clean the already done flags over the entire notebook\\s
Bill T - 2013-09-03
Does anyone know if it\'s possible to search for calendar entries in the Calendar addin?
Omer Atay - 2013-07-19
Charlie, did you try the numberText, numberSequence and numberFormat properties (they are on Paragraph objects). You can read and display them to see what values they take.

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