Review and Install Macros from within OneNote

April 17, 2017
With an update today, it becomes much easier to look at the details of macros from Macroland and try and install them. Previously, if you wanted to try a macro to see what it does or look at its code, you would need to download the macro as a .onetastic file from Macroland website and then open the downloaded file and install into OneNote following several prompts. The whole process required 7 or 8 clicks. And then if you don't like it you would need to delete the macro. Also there was no way to read details of a macro from within OneNote, you would need to go to the website.

With today's update, when you select a macro from Download Macros button, it will display the details of the macro in a window right inside OneNote:

Macro Page

From here you can install the macro with a single click on . You can also try the macro without installing by clicking on . This will download and execute the macro once but won't add it to your list of macros. It will be useful if you just want to see what it does and not necessarily want to install it. Similarly you can click on to open this macro in Macro Editor, which will again not install it. You can inspect the code there and if you want to install it then you can just save.

New Macros

Several new macros have been added to Macroland since the last update. Check them out:

Content Map in Current Section

Add a compact, mind map style TOC tree at the top of the current section. The tree contains all section pages and up three levels of headings per page. The connector lines between nodes are 'drawn' using special glyphs from a monospace font. To minimize user interaction, no UI is displayed.

Content Map in Current Page

Add a compact, mind map style TOC tree to the top of the current page. The table of contens is limited to 3 levels. The connector lines between nodes are 'drawn' using special glyphs from a monospace font. To minimize user interaction, no UI is displayed.

Create pages from list of titles

Creates pages in the current section from a given list of titles separated by semicolon (;)

Sample Insert Text

A sample macro to demonstrate how to insert text at the current position

Add Author to Title

Modifies the page title to append the author's name

Custom Rule Lines

Set spacing and color of grid lines to any value.

New Meeting

Insert a small string of text with an automatic date & author. Ideal to start a new meeting.

Set Left = 0

Sets container(s) Left = 0


bones7263 - 2017-04-27
I am Trying to email pdf attachments into onenote- but so far it only puts them in a note as a  file attachments. Can I have it put it into onenote as a print out?
Adam - 2017-04-27
Thanks Omer - emailed you separately re your response...

However as a side note Re MsTyandwhat comment - ironically I was looking for exactly that too yesterday - spooky. Maybe this will clarify (and apologies to MsTyandwhat if I'm wrong in thinking you are after the same) - what I was looking for in OneNote (or OneTastic) was a bit like "links" but more - with like a window / portal view of that link's page instead of an actual link.

Let me explain - let's say I have a page in an open notebook called "Views". I also have 2 other pages (both called "To Do") one each in 2 other separate notebooks called "Work" and "Personal".

In my Views page I want to insert a link as per usual to those 2 pages, but instead of a hyperlinked bit of text to each link's destination, I want to see a resizeable editable "window" to the contents of that page. So I can see the contents of multiple pages from one page. Views then becomes a bit of a hyper view dashboard page. Does that make sense?

Now, whether that should really be a OneNote feature request, or a OneTastic feature request...?

Thanks :-)

Omer Atay - 2017-04-26
Adam: This is a bug in Windows that causes OneCalendar to freeze on boot on certain touch screen computers. The only known workaround is to disable the touch driver. If you are having trouble re-installing the add-in, e-mail for troubleshooting.

MsTyandwhat: What do you mean by "display it". The only way to display things in OneNote is to actually have that pasted onto the page.

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