Built in Functions, New Operators and Lots of Fixes

July 06, 2013

Last update to Onetastic brought Macroland from which you can download macros. There has been several macros added there including multiple Table of Contents macros (Page, Section, Notebook) and a macro to insert monthly calendar. Check them out in Macroland if you haven't done so. And today an update that fixes a lot of issues and brings in a new macro capability is available. You can now use a set of functions in macros. Following is the full list:

DateTime Functions: These return information about the current date/time

String Manipulation Functions

Array Functions

Along with the functions, macros now support more conditional operators for If/While/That statements

There are two fixes in this update for image utilities that users have reported. I am happy to announce that they are now fixed. The first issue was that cropping an image would produce a significantly larger image file compared to the original, if the original file is a PNG that is not 32bpp. For instance a scanner may output a 1bpp PNG file but cropping that with Onetastic would produce 32bpp image resulting in an increase of the file size. Onetastic will now use the same pixel format as the original file when cropping/rotating/flipping images.

The second issue occurred when cropping printouts under high DPI. This would give unexpected results like scaling down the image and applying the wrong crop rectangle. This is also now fixed. Onetastic will check the system DPI and apply the crop correctly.

In addition to these additions and fixes, several issues causing macros to misbehave or crash are fixed, macro editor and macro logging are improved. Some of these were reported through the error reporting mechanism, so keep sending error reports if you hit them while using Onetastic. I wouldn't be aware of them if nobody sent them. See the changelog for more details on specific fixes and improvements and enjoy the update.


Jimi T - 2015-10-27
.. Tried again 2 months later. It works.


I'm not sure why OneNote has to crash on a PC when running macros, which work perfectly fine on another PC. All I'm doing is copying xml script between them.
dkg876 - 2015-09-25
Okay so I'm just coming across this website and think this may be what I need. What I'm trying to do is create a template with macros that create dates in outlook as tasks. The outcome I'm trying to achieve is that I can enter a start date, and the macro will generate an end date and dates in between, called milestones.

For example. If I input the start date, there will be a milestone date seven days later, and then an end date two weeks later. So if I input the start day as April 1, 2015, then the milestone will be April 8, 2015 and the end date April 15, 2015. Trying to automate my workflow
Jimi T - 2015-08-31
I'm writing this about 2 years since the previous posts. I saw an interesting thread, and I wanted to expand on what was being discussed.  However, both of sample scripts copied below made my OneNote enter into endless loop. I am using the latest Onetastic on Onenote 2013. The environment shouldn't be that different from what you guys were using 2 years ago..

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