Onetastic and OneCalendar Now Available in Brazilian Portuguese

February 03, 2014

Onetastic and OneCalendar now has an update with Brazilian Portuguese as a language option in addition to the previous options of English, German, Simplified Chinese, Russian, French and Turkish. See this earlier post on details about how language can be selected.

Brazilian Portuguese translation was provided by Cinthia X. Costa. If you want to translate Onetastic or see the current translation status, visit this page.


jokurt - 2014-10-27
i do have a question regarding import into OneNote2013.
We are planning a wiki for colleagues. One part would be the import of excel or access data into one note. Is there a way to do that in a way that for every record that i want to import a new page is created and the content entered in a specified format? I found that the macros do not support data import, so far. I have an excel sheet with about 1,000 records that i would love to import automatically.
bobby - 2014-02-26
Yes it is clear to me now, i inserted this folder onto the taskbar,so it is always there, with the added advantage of having folders within the list.
Thank you for the fine addins !
Omer Atay - 2014-02-26
bobby, if you choose a folder, it will use that folder to create shortcuts, but then it is no longer the favorites menu. You can either pin to favorites (menu) or pin to the user defined folder. This option wasn\'t meant to move the favorites folder, it was simply to allow creating links in a folder (which isn\'t hooked up to the favorites menu). Hope this makes it clear.

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