Setup for a OneNote Add-in

December 19, 2013

Today I have a little technical post. A few people asked me how to create setup for a OneNote add-in. It is a bunch of registry keys, first to register the add-in as a COM object then as an add-in in OneNote. Below is the registry keys for Onetastic:

COM Registration

Add-in Registration

The COM registration differs slightly from standard in-proc COM server registration with the AppID key with DllSurrogate value and the CLSID pointing to that AppID. This allows the add-in to be loaded under the DLL Surrogate process (dllhost.exe) and is needed because OneNote requires the add-ins to be out-proc. Alternatively you can write a EXE local server instead of a DLL which would work just fine.

Of course if you write your own OneNote add-in don't forget to update the class id, prog id, type library id, dll location, description and friendly name for the add-in. And all you need to do is to create these registry keys and copy the dll. You can use whatever mechanism to create the keys, it doesn't matter. I am sure there are some fancy setup tools that allows you to do this easily.


PAK - 2016-08-08
I have the same problem. Any fix?
Manuel - 2016-04-21
no solution for this problem after last windows update???
Adi - 2016-04-10
Ah, I knew the problem is because windows 10 latest update. I think I got same problem with Manuel. Onetastic no longer worked after latest update in windows.

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