Onetastic gets a fresh look to match OneNote 2013

And two more languages added

August 04, 2014

Onetastic and OneCalendar first came out in 2011 during which OneNote 2013 and rest of the Office 2013 suite was under development but they didn't have the new icons and UI yet. At that time I created icons for both of these based on OneNote 2010 icons and picked colors for the product and the website from the colors of OneNote 2010. After a while OneNote's and Office's look and feel was updated with darker colors and flat icons, but Onetastic and OneCalendar as well as this website kept using their icons and colors from 2010 era. Today I updated both the website and the products to match Office 2013 colors and icons. You will see in bunch of places that it now goes nicely with rest of OneNote 2013. Of course if you are still using OneNote 2010, this may look a bit out of place, but since OneNote 2013 is now free, there is probably no reason to not upgrade, not to mention a lot of bugs with OneNote 2010 that was fixed in 2013 that interferes with some of the Onetastic features.

In addition to the UI update, two new languages added in this update: Macedonian by Marijanko Galevski and Czech by Karel Klatovsky.

Here is a brief look at the old and new icons and colors:

Old Onetastic IconNew Onetastic Icon
Old Onetastic iconNew Onetastic icon
Old OneCalendar IconNew OneCalendar Icon
Old OneCalendar iconNew OneCalendar icon
Old Macro IconNew Macro Icon
Old Macro iconNew Macro icon
Old WebsiteNew Website
Old WebsiteNew Website


CynthiaHL - 2016-07-12
I add my vote to having a Onetastic for the Mac. I used in in Windows but now that I have a Mac, I miss it!
Omer Atay - 2016-05-25
Sally/Mustafa/HB: OneNote for Mac doesn't support add-ins. So there isn't a way to make Onetastic for Mac.
Sally - 2016-05-24
please make this compatible with Mac version of One Note.

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