New Update and License Dialog

Along with new administrative options and function to remove objects with Macros

November 18, 2021

Onetastic has a new Update and License Dialog which allows setting many options:

Update and License Dialog

Here you can:

  1. See which version of Onetastic you are running
  2. Modify options around update notifications
  3. Check for updates
  4. Activate a Onetastic Pro or Dev license

If you already activated a license, then you can also see your license information and you get an option to remove your license from your computer if you want to transfer it to another computer or if you want to activate a different license.

Update and License Dialog

You can learn more about these at these links:

New Administrative Options

With the latest version of Onetastic, administrators who deploy Onetastic also get new options to manage some of these options. For instance you can turn off update notifications if you are managing updates for your organization. You can also remove user's ability to manage these options. See more about these at this page: How to Prevent Users from Getting Update Notifications.

Remove Objects with Macros

Until now you could read and inspect OneNote content via Macros and could insert new content. With the new RemoveObject function you can also remove content. With this function you can remove most page content as well as whole pages. This will allow Macros to be written that can modify OneNote content in new ways.


mira88 - 2022-03-17
I'd like to call a macro within a macro, something like:


Is that possible?  Is there a sample or existing macro showing this in action?  Thanks so much.
KJanus - 2022-02-25
Can OneTastic create numbered lists? I am trying to create a macro that copies a selection into another page including the numbered lists. The examples I've found only mimic it but cannot set the new paragraphs list parameters. Am I missing something?
Mike Chapman, Helena, MT - 2022-02-24
I can't thank you enough!

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