Update Fixing Most Installation Problems

June 18, 2015

An update to Onetastic is available with a fix for most common installation problems some users are hitting. The issues mostly show up as missing Onetastic buttons in OneNote ribbon and COM Addins dialog displaying Onetastic as disabled. Therefore if you had a problem installing Onetastic in the past, go to the downloads page and download the update. If you still have problem installing Onetastic, send a comment below.


Charlene - 2019-01-08
I installed the 64-bit version of Onetastic, and it almost immediately crashed OneNote365, and then a recurring BSOD followed. No thank you!
john - 2018-11-05
I am trying to add onetastic to OneNote 2016 on a new laptop. I just downloaded it fine, but it will not activate as an add-in??
OldSoul - 2018-06-27
I had office 365 (64bit) , so I have installed Onetastic 3.12.1 (64bit) . Calendar showed up correctly in the ribbon, but everytime I opened the calendar from within onenote - it just spun and never opened - I had to use task manager each time to end it.
Reading other folks comments on the problem, it was recommend to use 32bit - so i uninstalled 64 bit and reinstalled office 365 (32bit) - removed and installed onetastic (32bit). Now the problem is worse - the calendar does not show up in the ribbon - nothing in the add-ins. I have run it multiple times the folder shows up in the x86 path (c:\program files (x86)\onetastic\ with the two files (macroinstaller.exe and onetastic.dll) but it never shows up in onenote. I tried to manually to add the .dll using the add-in section of onenote, but it errors out with "........this is not a valid add in for office"

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