Update Fixing Crash on Boot

May 13, 2015

An update to Onetastic is available with a fix for a crash some users are experiencing when starting OneNote. This may either crash OneNote or end up with no Onetastic buttons on the ribbon. Go to the downloads page to download the update.


Omer Atay - 2019-03-05
Rob Stevens: Please try the newest version (4.0.1)
Rob Stevens - 2019-03-05
I've just installed OneTastic and it's crashing OneNote.  Can I get a link to the fix please? The link on this page sends me in a loop...
Has - 2016-06-20
I just installed Gem for OneNote to set permissions to sections in OneNote files. It doesnt load on opening OneNote and the error message:

"Gem for OneNote" add-in load failure! Please try use Gem Fix Tools.....

I did use that but no effect. Kindly advise.


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