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May 06, 2015

Someone at work asked about where the best set of docs for using OneNote client APIs are. Here is the most useful links:


Zhu Chengang - 2015-05-12
Dear Omer Atay:

I love Onenote and Onetastic addin, which help me very much. Thank you for your wonderful work.
Actually, I have a problem with it. Could you please help me or help us to solve this problem? Onenote 2013 is a great software, and the function of “linked notes” is really awful. I have a lot of pdf files, but I cannot make “linked notes” with them. Could you please develop another addin for this function, which will benefit all of the Onenote users? And I think this would be very easy for you.
Kirchjo - 2015-05-10
Is there any macro which allows to generate a PDF of the entire notebook but in a nice format with coloured separators between sections, a starting page with the name of the notebook, a table of content, page numbers, etc, thus allowing to print out an entire notebook in a reader friendly format? I was looking everywhere for this but without success
Tom Bishop - 2015-05-09
Thanks for a great tool.
Quick question: I'm using the property ruleLinesMarginColor. I'd like to actually set the distance of the ruleLinesMargin as well. Is that possible with Onetastic?

I appreciate your advice.

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