Documentation for Macro Language is Updated

January 03, 2015

In October, I published documentation on the macro language. One most common request from the users were to provide description for each property in the documentation. Today the documentation is updated with a description for each property of each object. Go check it out here. Hopefully this will make it easier to understand what each property represents.

Happy macro building in the new year!


peterfnet - 2016-09-03
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RichDev - 2016-04-08
I love OneTastic and I am starting to use it more and more.  

I find the tutorials to be useful information, but the entire macro creating and editing process is not clear.  I need to see a video on opening an existing macro, modifying it, saving, and then putting it on the Ribbon.   It would be nice to see a few examples of macros being built in real time, such as

Here's an example for someone capturing their daily work into an existing page on a specific topic.  

   go to the end of the current page
   insert the current time and date at the current page position
   insert a line feed at the current page position
   insert a text literal string at a desired position on a page, e.g., "Today's image capture of the day is:  "
   capture a screen shot
   insert a line feed after the screen shot image
   insert a text literal string "Isn't that a nice picture!"
   Enter a Name, Description, and Category for the new macro
   save the macro.  
   Close Macro Editor.
   Run the new macro.

In the Macro Editor, I didn't find a "Save" command until , only an Export command.  Are they the same?  It is not obvious to a noobie.  

When I create a "new" macro, it shows me a set of available command but doesn't give any indication what to do next.  

When I finish a macro, it gives me a "Save" option, but no "Done" or "Return to OneNote" option.  That would be more obvious.  

If I want to insert a new blank line, how do I do that?  If I want to select freshly-inserted text and make it Bold and Highlighted, how do I do that?

OneTastic is a really awesome tool that fills in a gap in the Microsoft Office product.  I wish Microsoft had rewritten after it bought it and aligned the object model for OneNote with the other Office products so that VBA could have been available from the beginning.  That would have leveraged the skills of millions of developers from the very beginning.   However, it is getting there, but the skills requirements barriers for OneNote development are still high.  OneTastic brings those barriers down.  
LAK - 2016-01-02
Thanks for this tool! I was wondering if it were possible to add/edit tags associated with paragraphs. I see a read-only property, but that's it.
Help on this would be much appreciated! :)

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