Onetastic and OneCalendar Now Available in Traditional Chinese

December 17, 2014

Onetastic and OneCalendar now has an update with Traditional Chinese as a language option. With this update they are available in 14 languages besides English. See this earlier post on details about how language can be selected.

Traditional Chinese translation was provided by ็ฅ็‘žไป• (Zhu, Ruishi). If you want to translate Onetastic or see the current translation status, visit this page.


jcovey - 2015-05-06
Will OneCalendar be coming for Onenote on a Mac? This would be a really nice feature to have.
Heinz-Willi Luhnen - 2014-12-31
What is with WIN RT and OneNote. In tablet WIN RT is my favorite
Korund - 2014-12-30
When do you fix Clean Authors macros? It doesn't remove authors from images :(

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