Macro Language Update

Break Command and New Array Related Functions

January 18, 2015

Onetastic Macro Language is updated with a new command and several new functions to make writing macros easier.

Break Command

The new Break command can be used to break out of For or While loops. In the following example, the While loop will end immediately when it executes the Break command. Therefore instead of running till the variable(i) reaches 100, it will stop at 30:

Modify variable(i) --> Set it to "0"

ExpandWhile variable(i) is less than "100"

Modify variable(i) --> Add to it "1"

ExpandIf variable(i) is equal to "30"

Break 1

Break command can also break out of multiple levels of loops using the count parameter:

ExpandFor each Paragraph in CurrentPage

ExpandWhile variable(i) is less than "10"

ExpandWhile variable(j) is less than "10"

Break 3

The Break command in this macro breaks out of all the For and While loops it is enclosed within.

New Functions for Easier Array Manipulation

This update comes with several new array functions which will make generating and manipulating arrays much easier:

Check out these new additions in the Macro Documentation and happy macro building.


Skratt - 2015-09-26
Hi Omer & friends,

I'm trying to explore a bit programming in Onetastic since I discovered it this morning, and I love it so far.

To go a bit further Iam looking into what different values can take :
* tagSymbol
* tagType

I was not able to find it in the nice documentation put together by Omer

Did somebody already explore that ? and where could I found a list of the value (with corresponding icons ?)

Thanks in advance, and looking forward to post my first macros very soon once I would have my answers on Tag types & icons.

Best regards,

Omer Atay - 2015-06-19
Kai-Berlin: There is an update which may fix your problem. Please try it out if you are still having this.
Sam - 2015-02-09
Would be good If objects could reposition after cropping an image. EG. pasting a picture that moves everything down to make space. You then crop this image to half height and <bold>objects move up</bold>.

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