Featured Macro: Template Notebook Structure

December 15, 2018

A macro that can save the section hierarchy of an existing notebook into a templates store and then later can apply those templates to new notebooks is added to Macroland. To save the structure of an existing notebook, navigate to the notebook and run the macro. It will save the section hierarchy and allow you to give it a name. You can later apply the structure to a new empty notebook by running the macro again and picking the template you named.

You can find the macro here: Template Notebook Structure

See more on how to use it and its various options by watching the short video below:


Bryan deSilva - 2020-03-14
Is there a way to modify this to include pages? I want to create a full Client relationship note-taking setup with Projects and more. Need pages :)
JBM - 2019-02-28
Greetings: Is there a macro that can "shrink" a page--which is seen as multiple pages in Print Preview-- to just one printed page?   Thanks much.
oGobby - 2019-02-19
I have an issue whenever I run a macro e.g the TOC in the current page. I put a lot of effort into color coding my notes for readability. But, when I run any macro it changes the font color to a lighter color. I put too much effort into coloring my text to how I want it and any macro completely gets rid of it or changes it to a point where I have to revert everything back to normal. Although I would love to use the macro TOC in the current page as it a feature I really can't live without. I know I could just avoid using the macro but I really don't want too. Any suggestions on fixing this issue?

Any help is appreciated,

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