Customize Macro Icons with 16000+ New Icons

May 01, 2022

Onetastic has more than 600 macros in Macroland and if you download more than a handful of them, it may get harder to recognize them from looking at their icons. Onetastic macros used to come with an icon for each category, but it was hard to distinguish them:

Old Macro Icons

With an update today, all macro icons are updated with easy to see, beautiful icons from Font Awesome.

New Macro Icons

As you can see these are easier to distinguish, but within the same category, they all have the same icon. To help with that, this new update also comes with ability to customize macro icons. You can pick individual icons for macros to customize them the way you want. You will be able to update them like below:

Custom Icons

Customizing Macro Icons

There are two ways to customize macro icons. First one is when you download a macro, it will offer you to customize its icon:

Download Macro Dialog

When you click on button, it will display the Change Icon window for you to search and pick one of 16000+ icons available. Most icons have 5 different styles: Duotone, Solid, Regular, Thin, and Light. You can pick any one of the style filters to display the icons you want:

Change Icon Dialog

Once you are happy with an icon, double click on it, or select and click button.

Manage Macros

Another way to customize your icons is to click on the new Manage Macros button next to the Download Macros button in the ribbon. This will open Manage Macros window.

Manage Macros Ribbon

Manage Macros Dialog

Here you can pick an installed macro and then click on button to customize its icon.

Macro icon customization is available to active Pro or Dev license users. Happy customizing and feel free to let us know of any feedback you may have.


TX.Aggie.TPM - 2022-06-27
Fat fingered my email upon registration, this screen name is linked to the correctly spelled email.  Please reach out.  
DavidNex - 2022-06-26
Hola, queria saber tu precio..
shannon.prince-thomas@cushwake.c - 2022-05-16
When will you update different font selections. This is the biggest gap compared to other software.

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