15-Minute Onetastic Webinar

September 19, 2014

Last Tuesday Office Webinar team presented a great webinar explaining many features of Onetastic. I had to opportunity to meet many users and answer their questions. The 15-minute video is below and more details are available at: aka.ms/omer123. I want to thank Doug Thomas and the team for the awesome work they did on this and it was great to see the excitement from many users who attended.



Dolores Koogle - 2018-07-17
I don't like videos normally this one kept my attention and kept giving more ideas in using One Note. Thank you for sharing.
Al Maurer - 2018-01-31
Video crashed after about a minute or so.
LOOregano - 2017-12-29
This Onetastic add in is very useful, but I do wish it could be inherit functionality in OneNote.  MS has been pushing and promoting OneNote very much but it is odd that the desktop version does not get any of the improvements (the app one is better at some things but still catching up in many other ways).  Most of this functionality should be integrated into OneNote.

Is MS going to kill the desktop version of OneNote?  is that why they are not improving it?

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