How to Set up Shortcuts for Macros

October 23, 2012

If you are using a macro frequently, you may want to have a keyboard shortcut for it to access it faster. There is a way to get shortcuts for macros though it is not very obvious at the beginning. The trick is to use the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT). The nice thing about QAT is that all the buttons in there get an automatic keyboard shortcut in the form of Alt + n where n is the button number. So the fifth button in the QAT has Alt + 5 as its shortcut:


Here the OneCalendar button is the 6th button and it can be accessed with Alt+6. So how do we get buttons to the QAT? You can normally right click on any button on the ribbon and click "Add to Quick Access Toolbar" and have it added to QAT:

Add to QAT

For the macro buttons this is a bit different. The macro buttons show up on the Home tab under dropdowns for each category and when you right click on them, you don't get to add them to QAT. You can add the whole dropdown to QAT which is probably not what you want:

Add menu to QAT

See how it says "Add Menu to QAT". To add these buttons separately to QAT, you need to first move the macros to their separate tab by clicking on Settings > Show in a Separate Tab:

Show in separate tab

When you do that ribbon will switch to Macros tab and you will have all the macros there. You can now right click and add them to QAT:

Add macro to QAT

If you just added a new macro, they will show up under All Other Macros, and they are still not available for QAT. For that case, you need to restart OneNote once, so that these new macros will move to become a separate button. This doesn't happen without a restart due to some technical detail on how ribbon add-ins work.

Once you add your favorite macro buttons to QAT, you may switch them back to Home tab if you want them there. This won't affect the QAT.

An alternative way to customize your QAT is to go to File > Options > Quick Access Toolbar and choose Macros Tab and start moving things around:



Omer Atay - 2017-04-03
Dan: Compact mode is only available on Home Tab. So you need to first move your macros to Home tab using "Show in Home Tab" option. Then you can choose Compact mode.
Dan - 2017-04-03
Hi Omer,
I have OneNote 64 bit, I noticed that I can't get the Compact view on the Ribbon its Greyed out - do you have any ideas why?
All I have is lots of small ugly icons on each tab and it looks so cluttered.
I hope you can come up with a Custom Drop down Ribbon for managing all the awesome macros
JVT - 2016-01-22
Is it possible to email a page to a specific address and also add a certain text (ex Hello Jim).  I know the email shortcut for one note is CTRL+Shift+E but seeing if it could also add a default address/text.

Thank you

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