OneCalendar Settings Layout Update and Bug Fixes

July 02, 2015

A common complaint for OneCalendar was that the Settings page didn't have a scrollbar which prevents users to select specific notebooks if they have a lot of notebooks because the notebook list would cut off:

Old Settings Layout

With an update available today, the layout of the Settings page is updated to fit more on the screen and a scrollbar is added:

New Settings Layout

There are also a couple of bugs fixed in this update. See the changelog for details.


Omer Atay - 2020-06-27
lynx: To insert a calendar into OneNote, download Insert Monthly Calendar macro:
lynx - 2020-04-11
Can I insert a calendar into one page in my Onenote if I just download Onecalendar separately?
hannah - 2019-07-05
Our team uses a shared OneNote as a knowledge base. A small few people in management positions have edit access and the rest (total of ~100) have read only. Having the ability for us to embed OneCalendar into the Notebook showing recent additions with the links would be AMAZING. Is this possible?
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