OneCalendar Settings Layout Update and Bug Fixes

July 02, 2015
A common complaint for OneCalendar was that the Settings page didn't have a scrollbar which prevents users to select specific notebooks if they have a lot of notebooks because the notebook list would cut off:

Old Settings Layout

With an update available today, the layout of the Settings page is updated to fit more on the screen and a scrollbar is added:

New Settings Layout

There are also a couple of bugs fixed in this update. See the changelog for details.


Nick - 2017-09-26
Would it be possible in OneCalendar to get the not only the name of the page appearing but also the name of the section? I use the same name for pages in different sections.
SimonB - 2017-07-31
Apologies if missed a feature request area;
Would it be possible to add option to the settings to allow pages with dates mentioned to be included in the generated calendar view.
I use OneNote for projects and create action lists with dates against items, actions, events etc. If the calendar could optionally include page headline in from pages with the date specified I could view my month activity quickly and more efficiently.
Hope above makes sense.
Onetastic is a great addition to OneNote
Chuck - 2017-04-07
Omar:  Standing by thanks.

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