OneCalendar Settings Layout Update and Bug Fixes

July 02, 2015
A common complaint for OneCalendar was that the Settings page didn't have a scrollbar which prevents users to select specific notebooks if they have a lot of notebooks because the notebook list would cut off:

Old Settings Layout

With an update available today, the layout of the Settings page is updated to fit more on the screen and a scrollbar is added:

New Settings Layout

There are also a couple of bugs fixed in this update. See the changelog for details.


Omer Atay - 2017-01-01
Chuck: Thanks for sharing. I believe the Windows update is coming in March.
Chuck - 2017-01-01
Omar:  thanks for posting the Windows 10 touch interface workaround.  Prior to your post, I had no idea what my issue was this past year and simply stopped using OneCalendar.

Although the workaround didn't work for me as stated on my Lenovo Yoga 900, I was able to get OneCalendar working by simply disabling the touch interface, which is progress.  

Looking forward to the Windows update fix to get everything sorted.
Omer Atay - 2016-12-28
Graham: This is a bug in Windows 10 that shows up on some touch enabled computers. They told me that they fixed it in the upcoming Creators Update, which you could get to with Insider builds or just wait for that to be released early 2017.

Also, someone shared this workaround:

1. Disable the touch interface in Device Manager
2. Run OneCalendar and select the language and click next
3. Re-enable the touch interface.

You can try to see if this works for you.

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