OneCalendar Settings Layout Update and Bug Fixes

July 02, 2015

A common complaint for OneCalendar was that the Settings page didn't have a scrollbar which prevents users to select specific notebooks if they have a lot of notebooks because the notebook list would cut off:

Old Settings Layout

With an update available today, the layout of the Settings page is updated to fit more on the screen and a scrollbar is added:

New Settings Layout

There are also a couple of bugs fixed in this update. See the changelog for details.


Christian - 2019-02-04
I found the Reset in the Roaming path from AppData.
But it doesent help. The Error Messega is the same "Failed to oad Pages" on a Search Request in the nice Calendar App.
Christian - 2019-02-04
Failed to load Pages on a Search Request (but they appear in the app).
I just changed from Online Sync to a Local Storage. How can i reset the App Settings ?
icdeadppl4u - 2018-02-16
I use OneCalendar each week to help identify which of my projects I worked on each day, and what I did for the each project, which is then used to document and submit for billing my time worked on each project.  Each of my projects has it's own notebook, with sections for each type of document (emails, meeting notes, diagrams and documents, etc.). It would be great to be able to view the list of pages created each day in the week and day views, to have the pages grouped by the notebook and then sub-grouped in the section within that notebook. The sections should be listed in the order they appear in the notebook. The pages should be listed in the order they appear in the section.

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