New Macro Upload Experience available within OneNote

December 23, 2017
With an update available today, you can now upload macros to Macroland from within OneNote. In the Macro Editor, simply click on to submit your macro to Macroland. Macro Editor will directly communicate with the Onetastic website to upload your macro instead of taking you to a browser page. You can enter your user information in the editor and if you have an active Onetastic license, it will use your credentials from the license directly instead of asking for user information. This will streamline the macro upload experience by reducing steps to submit your macro. Try this on your next macro submission. The old web based macro upload is now removed so upgrading to the latest version of Onetastic is required for future macro submissions.

A typical macro upload experience may look like this:

Improvements in Download Macros window

A few improvements are also available in Download Macros window with this update:

Macro Videos

You can now view videos of macros from the Download Macros window. Macros that have videos will have the video icon [ ▶ ] in their names. This will help understand what a macro does before downloading it.

Switch between Tile and List Views

You can now switch to a list view in Download Macros window. This allows seeing long macro names easier.

You can see both of these in action in the video below:

Macro Updates

Following macros in Macroland are updated:

Tag Summary for Specific Tag

Updated to skip deleted pages and display Section names when sorting by Page

TOC in Current Page

Updated to refresh the TOC in the current page if it already exists.

Tag Summary with Page Names

Added ability to filter based on Checked/Unchecked status of the tag

New Macros

Several new macros have been added to Macroland since the last update. Check them out:

Search & Replace in Section Group Names

Search and replace text in section group names in the current section group, notebook or all notebooks

Search & Replace in Section Names

Search and replace text in section names in the current section group, notebook or all notebooks

Proofing Language -> Slovak (SK)

Sets the proofing language on selected text to Slovak (SK)

Replace SmartQuote

Find & Replace smart quotes from Microsoft word

Proofing Language -> English (US)

Sets the proofing language on selected text to American English

Proofing Language -> Swedish

Sets the proofing language on selected text to Swedish

Daily planner Page (Today)

Planner with Tasklist and a daily Notes page. This will create a single page with todays date on it.

Convert Copied Paths to File Hyperlinks Macro

Converts selected pasted "Copied Paths" into file hyperlinks. This provides similar functionality now removed from OneNote that allowed files copied from windows explorer to be pasted as hyperlinks.

Tag Action Owner

Prompts for and tags action owner e.g. [PS] - at beginning of paragraph in bold, red text

Sort Rows by Tag

Sorts the rows of the selected table based on the first tag in the first cell of each row

Letter sized paper with infinite length and ruled horizontal lines

Sets a vertical line to indicate the width of a letter page

Insert Selected Text in a Custom Table

Styles a selected text (adds a highlight color and an important tag) and builds a custom table for the current section group in a new section [Course Overview], on a new page [Recent Feedback]. New rows are added at the top when further text from the same section group is selected.

Check All Todos

Check all todo boxes on the current page

Insert Space Between Paragraphs

Inserts an empty paragraph between each of the selected paragraphs


Ecopicat - 2018-01-13
I have an Uncheck To Do Boxes macro that returns an error when run:

The XML is invalid.

This macro used to work OK on this page, and still works fine on all other pages. I have tried recreating the page, both by copying the page and cutting and pasting.

On a duplicate page I deleted parts and it began to work again, but on trying to hone down the problematic area it became clear it was not consistent - sometimes it would work with lines in that before gave the error.

So I am stumped. Any ideas much appreciated. All I really want to do is avoid having this error I am not bothered about debugging it as it appears to be a one off.
LOOregano2 - 2018-01-11
Do you know of a way to display unchecked to do items (or flagged) within the TOC hierarchy?  For example, For X project, these are the next steps that need being done.

Ideally I would be able to either search or create an updateable summary page.  Seems like the TOC method would fit into the TOC summary macro that you already have...
steveG - 2018-01-02
Downloaded Onetastic for custom "styles", however it crashes OneNote 2016 64bit, whenever I try to apply a custom style. It does save custom styles, but will not apply them.

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