Improved Download Macro Experience in OneNote

September 15, 2017

Onetastic is updated today with a new Download Macros window that improves the experience of downloading, managing and updating macros within OneNote. Some of the new features include:

New Download Macros window

Prior to this update, Download Macros button listed a drop down menu of all macros available and you could select one to review the macro. There are almost 400 macros in Macroland and finding what you want in a drop down list of 400 macros is very hard. With today's update, Download Macros button take you to the new Download Macros window that has the macros in a list along with several tools to make finding and installing macros easier than ever:

Download Macros Button

Download Macros Window

Viewing Macros from Macroland vs Installed Macros

Download Macros window displays the list of macros in Macroland on the left and a summary of your installed macros and statistics from Macroland on the right. You can use the and buttons to switch between the macros in Macroland and your installed macros. You can also use the drop down button at the top left to switch the view:

Download Macros Window display options

Checking for Macro Updates

This window also checks for any macros you have already installed but was updated in Macroland after you downloaded it. So at a glance you can see if there are any macros in need of update and quickly update them if you want. Clicking on button takes you to the Installed Macros view and automatically selects all the macros that can be updated and hide all the others from the view:

Download Macros Window update state

Searching for Macros

There are hundreds of macros in Macroland and it is sometimes hard to find what you want. Download Macros window has a search box to find the related macros as you type, which makes finding a particular macro much easier:

Download Macros Window search

Grouping/Sorting Options

Another tool that makes it easy to browse the macro list is the grouping options. While viewing macros in Macroland, you can group them by Popularity, Category, Author, or Last Updated date. If you are viewing the installed macros, then you can group by Update State, Category or Last Modified date.

Download Macros Window group by

Viewing Macro Details

Selecting a macro from the list of macros from Macroland will display more information about the macro, like description, author, last update date and change history. It will also display a screenshot of any dialogs the macro may display. Here you can choose to install, run or edit the macro or open it in Macroland on the website. See more info about these here.

Download Macros Window macro info

Installing Multiple Macros

The macro list allows selecting multiple macros and this makes installing them a breeze. For instance you can install all TOC macros at once like this:

Download Macros Window installing multiple macros

Removing Unneeded Macros

Similarly if you select multiple macros from Installed Macros view, you can choose to uninstall them all at once:

Download Macros Window uninstalling multiple macros

Try out the new experience for managing and installing macros in the latest update and if you find issues or have feedback, feel free to write to the comments section below.


TLC - 2018-01-04
I love this new interface! I wonder if there is a way to print the names and descriptions of all installed macros? I'm trying out and comparing some macros and would like to build a custom set for my academic work. So it would be helpful to have a way to print a master table of the categories, names, and descriptions for all of the macros I have installed so I can sort through them more efficiently. Just a thought...
Omer Atay - 2017-10-30
Eusorph: OneNote does not like when the color contrast between the text and the background is low and changes the text color to increase the contrast. The only way to avoid this would be to have enough contrast so that OneNote won't attempt to change it. You can play with the text and background color to find the point where it stops doing that.

user: Contact to troubleshoot
Eusorph - 2017-10-29
Any macros that interact with text, change the text color I had set on my pages. Is there any way to avoid that?
My pages are set up to have a grey background and blue text. Every time I apply a macro, text is turned to white. Default text is set to blue, so it doesnt't even respect that.


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