Macros are small programs which can be used to perform simple repeated tasks in OneNote. You need Onetastic add-in for OneNote to run macros. You can download and use hundreds of ready-made macros for Macroland or if you are into programming, you can build your own macros to do specific tasks you need.

Macro Language

Macros are built using a sort of scripting language called Onetastic Macro Language. An extensive documentation and tutorial on Macro Language is available here: Documentation. Macros typically read content in OneNote, manipulate it and write it back to OneNote. They can display dialog boxes to get input from the user.


Macroland is a place where you can download macros. Check them out here and start downloading macros. Using Macro Editor, you can inspect those macros, play with them and modify them, and start building your own macros. You can also easily share the macros you build with other users.

Here are some of the macros you can download from Macroland:


Macro Editor

You can build macros using the built-in Macro Editor: Macro editor To learn more about developing macros, check the documentation.