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TOC in Current Page
Creates a table of contents from heading in the current page and inserts at the top of the page. Optionally it adds "Back to Top" links to the headings.
Insert Monthly Calendar
Inserts a calendar of the selected month and year
Set Page Titles
Sets the titles of each page in the current section to the values in the given semicolon-separated text
Copy Pages to ClassNotebook by Student
Will distribute app generated Pages to specific student sections in a ClassNotebook. Titles of the generated Pages must be in the format ClassNotebookNickname/StudentSection/Section/ActualTitleofPage I have used PowerAutomate to create generated OneNote Pages (as outlined here: ) but any process to create Pages is fine so long as the Page Title is as given. The functions providing distribution of the actual Pages, recently updated to include Images and Files, come from Omer Atay, with appreciation.
Paragraph Spacing = 20
Sets paragraph spacing to "20"
Add icon to page title
Adds an icon (emoji) to the front of the title, for easy reference of page type. For example, use "✉" as the first character to easily identify pages created from emails.
Expand/Collapse All Outlines
Collapse/expand all lists in the current page at the same time.
Show E-mail Addresses
Adds e-mail addresses to mailto: links. Can be used to display e-mail addresses on meeting details pages
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