Insert One Cell Table

Description : Insert a single celled table in an outline.


Insert One Cell Table

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Author(s) : DGDunning
Category : Table
Last Updated : November 04, 2016
Downloads : 909
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Insert One Cell Table

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Changelog :

November 04, 2016 (B8060F) - DGDunning
Initial Version


johnasp - 2017-11-07
I've been looking for a way to put a boarder around a block of text.
This is perfect, Thanks
Konrad - 2017-07-05
What I expected after looking into the code: If I select text with the mouse and then activate the macro, I think the selected text should by to be cut out and pasted into the new cell. Instead the cell is created after the text.

It is a pitty that background-color for tables is not supported at this moment. text highlight color is not so good for alert boxes.

Anyway, thank you for your great work!
Omer Atay - 2017-07-05
Konrad: Please explain more about what doesn't work. What code have you tried, what did you expect and what are you seeing instead. Background-color is not supported at this moment, but you can set text highlight color