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law - 2020-08-28
now we want to look at the foundation we'll have a habit one to be proactive why foundational because all of the other habits flow out of it if habit one is present you can cultivate the other six if it is not present you will not cultivate the other six habit one be proactive basically means that your life is the product of your values not your feelings that your life or the organization's life is the product of your decisions not your conditions the opposite of being proactive is to be reactive which basically means that your life is a function of your feelings your moods your impulses other people's treatment the underlying principle of habit one be proactive is to take responsibility the concept is you and I have the capacity to choose our response if you don't believe that you're capable of choosing your own response if you don't have that vision of yourself if you're deep into victim ism all just about guarantee you you will become disempowered you will not begin with the end in mind with careful thinking about the future you'll be a function of the past you will put second third fourth and fifth things first with your ladder leaning against the wrong wall you'll think win lose or lose win you'll always seek to be understood first rather than to understand and you'll be constantly watching all kinds of relationships because both parties feel misunderstood ego battles will develop at best you'll end up with compromise instead of synergy and you will not take the time to sharpen the saw because you simply don't have the time to get gas you're too busy you're buried in the thick of thin things that's why I haven't won is so foundational so basic it is the vital foundational component of every other habit again let's define it as the capacity the desire to subordinate impulses words feelings conditions to values based on principles to subordinate until little by little our emotional life which was once like this gets ironed out you still may have some ups and downs emotionally but there is a steadiness a constancy in your nature to where you can make and keep promises to yourself and to others where you can treat others with kindness without capitulating your convictions in short to where you can begin to practice the other habits which build on top of it how many here feel better when the weather outside is great there's physiological reasons for that endorphins are released chemical substances inside the mind through sunlight how many do better when you feel better that means we're reactive to the physical culture if you are proactive you would carry your weather within you regardless of the physical culture and through exuding positive energy and smiling you also release endorphins what about the social culture how many feel better when you treat it better how many do better when you feel better that's being reactive to the social whether the social culture what if you could learn to carry your social weather inside so that you can be consistent in extremely difficult adverse situations and pursue Li worthy purposes and living by natural laws or principles that's what it means to be proactive [Music] we're tested everyday in a thousand little ways in the ordinary things and if we are proactive in those things that gradually develops extraordinary capability in handling major setbacks or disappointments but oftentimes we look into the more spectacular the more dramatic the larger issues to see the obvious energy of proactivity of habit one for instance Viktor Frankl the Austrian psychiatrist imprisoned in the death camps of Nazi Germany because he was a Jew experienced unbelievable indignities and tortures he was raised in the Freudian tradition that you're basically a product of your childhood he worked on that assumption that paradigm but while he was in the death camps he began to observe some very interesting things some people were animals others were Saints with the same circumstances he himself experienced terrible things some of his own loved ones were cremated he expected the same fate for some reason they saved him for experimental purposes one day they stripped him naked put him under white light and began to perform those ignoble sterilization experiments upon his body and he discovered what he called the last human freedom the power to choose my response to any condition to anything that happens to me he called the last human freedom and he cultivated a sense of meaning so that he saw himself in his imagination lecturing to his students in Austria following his release from the death camp about very experiences he was having at the time about the insight the learnings he was acquiring and he came to postulate that the highest value at all is the power to choose your attitude in situations of which you have no control that that was the last human freedom you want to see evidence of that how many of you have ever had a loved one a dear friend family member go through a terminal illness with a magnificent attitude how many of you experienced that now look at the hands look at the number how many of you were enormous Lee inspired by such modeling same hands I just saw that with my sister Marilyn who just recently passed away the night before she died she told me my only desire is to teach my children and my grandchildren how to die with dignity and with a desire to contribute and to live life nobly and based on principles and cancer inside her lung was like a tree growing up but her whole focus during the months even years that preceded this was constant teaching those children and grandchildren and Friends loved ones will be inspired and ennoble by such modeling such mentoring the rest their lives between what happens to us the stimulus whatever has happened to us or what is now happening to us between that stimulus and our response is a space in that space lies our power and our freedom to choose our response in these choices lie our growth and our happiness in other words with the right choices eventually the response we choose begins to influence the stimulus this is what Viktor Frankl discovered and through exercising his memory that is his self-awareness and his imagination and his consciousness by asking questions such as what is this situation asking of me instead of what do I ask of it why are they doing this to me and also by exercising his own independent will this freedom became larger and larger until it was larger than his Nazi captors not his Liberty Liberty is a condition of the environment Liberty is a condition of the externals freedom is a condition of the person of the internals we have control over our freedom not in the short run over our Liberty however in many situations not necessarily all the more you control your freedom and expand and deepen it eventually you will influence the liberty of your life the options the alternatives that are available to you eventually your head will create your world your response to the stimulus will eventually influence the stimulus and to some degree he experienced that he also had the hypothesis or tried to look at the hypothesis what enables these people in the death camps to survive is that their survival skills No is that their intelligence no is it their health no those things were eventually equalized lost helped a little initially but eventually they were gone is that their family structure no the thing that enabled survival was a vision of the future a sense of meaning about a work yet to do a contribution yet to make and this became the basis for his brilliant autobiographical account of these experiences called man's search for meaning even a friend of his was so miserable he wanted to commit suicide and Frankel pressed him why don't you he said because if I pre deceased my wife it would make her so unhappy and miserable and I loved her so that alone gave him meaning to survive and he would constantly ask the question what is life asking of you in this situation don't let the things you can do nothing about interfere with the things you can do a great deal about [Music] one time my brother and I were going down a canyon road with a cousin he was chopping wood had this axe there was a rattler he started chasing it he started chopping at it eventually cut it into the front bit him right here at the crook between the fore finger and the thumb so many ways he could have responded he could have chased that poisonous snake and driven the poison to the heart he was smart quick proactive subordinated feelings to values got the blood out as fast as he could many people get hurt by someone it does hurt them but the real injury is going after the person going after the snake that's what drives the poison to the heart it's not what people do to us that hurts us in the most fundamental sense it's our chosen response to what they do to us that hurts us reacted people want to get back they want to get even they gather people around them that massage their heart and validate them and give them additional evidence to justify them and to condemn someone else out there who has done this injury a lot of people gather together daily and confess the sins of their bosses it becomes the fabric the content of the coffee break and the lunch highly reactive proactive people learn to get the poison out and to move on to forgive to forget resentment means to live it again and again and again in the fester feed upon it the net effect is to get filled with negative energy to polarize to seek self justification to look for data that which we want to believe can easily be supported by data the way you interpret data is Eleanor Roosevelt put it nothing can make you feel inferior without your consent as Gandhi put it no one can take away your respect unless you give it to her proactive people who act on the basis of their values their purposes their vision don't give their power away their freedom their power to choose to other people's weaknesses we simply must never build our emotional life around the weaknesses of other people otherwise we dis empower ourselves and empower their weaknesses to continue to mess our life up this is heavy-duty stuff particularly for people that have had years and years of explaining away their misery in the name of somebody else one time a woman stood up in the middle of a group like this started to give a speech on her own spontaneously and then she sent the inappropriateness of that grew a little embarrassed and sat back down but she could not restrain herself from talking to everyone around her she just filled with some kind of explosive learning or excitement and she had positive energy you could see it in her eyes and her gestures her body language I could hardly wait to the break to get up to her what happened to you oh you have no idea what that principle that habit of being proactive means to me I'm the full-time nurse to the most miserable ungrateful character you can imagine he doesn't even acknowledge me let alone show any form of appreciation the other full-time nurses feel just like I did we almost sit around and talk about his demise hope for it wish for it while we're taking care of them and for you to have the gall to suggest that I chose to be miserable come on I didn't choose it he made me but then I realized how dependent I am how I've given my power to his miserable behavior she said as soon as I swallowed that big thick bitter pill and it hit and I realized wait a minute if I chose to be miserable I can choose otherwise she said I was let out of prison I was liberated that's when I stood out I wanted to talk to everyone I wanted to proclaim my freedom I could not contain myself I just can't tell you what that means between what happens to us the stimulus and our response to the stimulus lies our freedom [Music] all our behavior interactions flow from our paradigm deterministic psychology tends to break out into three areas three fields genetic determinism psychic determinism environmental determinism genetic determinism basically means your grandparents did it to you yeah I have a short period as it just seems to go through generations my father has one his father yeah I'm a night person yeah whole family is don't talk to me in the morning I'm not pleasant this has come to the generations you see what if I had a predisposition because of my genetic makeup okay that is the stimulus between that and our response to it is our freedom to choose our response so what would we do we'd adopt a lifestyle so that it didn't activate that genetic tendency so that our lives were not made dysfunctional from it now this isn't to say that we are not genetically powerfully influenced it is to say that we are not genetically determined and the difference between being influenced by and determined by is a hundred and eighty degrees psychic determinism means your parents did it to you not your grandparents it didn't come through the DNA necessarily the chromosomal structure of the DNA your parents did it to you it's the way they raised you it's very Freudian child is father to the man that means the first few years of childhood how you were treated and Ray how you were rejected how you develop deep psychic wounds from those abuses of one kind or another so conditioned your emotional makeup your personality as to last a lifetime the child is a father to the man and many have heard once you're 6 7 8 that's it it's pretty much in concrete there's not much you can do psychic determinism no question those forces heartily influences in fact for the first several years of life until the time of self-awareness around 7 8 9 years old there is no separation between stimulus and response so that whatever stimulus went in here went right into the response and the psychic scarring is there the genetic tendencies are there as soon as self-awareness begins to take place there's a separation this space there's a freedom and power to choose then those tendencies are still there so we're powerfully influenced by genetic and psychic forces they're there but we still have this space we could behave in ways that might even possibly erase these or if not erased them subordinate them eclipse them render them non-functional they still may be there to some degree possibly they could be erased through different kinds of therapies the point is you still have this freedom to choose even if it's that much work on it this whole idea of I am a product of something instead of I am the programmer that chooses my response to that product environmental determinism basically means that your spouse is doing it to you your boss is doing it to you your culture is doing it to you environmental determinism embraces the whole concept of external cultural influences again without any question we're influenced by those factors need to be factored in but not determined that's why habit one is the habit of personal vision you can choose your response by the exercise of that freedom that power to choose the highest of the powers in that space are for human endowments self-awareness imagination conscience and independent will Franco could envision himself he could see himself in a whole different situation a company can envision its future that's why they say the essence of leadership is vision and the ability to create a culture around that vision so that there's commitment toward that vision that is common so that everyone exercises collectively their imagination even though they have this awareness of the swamp-like culture they're in now they're aware see self aware they stand apart and can examine if we live out of our memory we're tied to the past and to that which is finite when we live out of our imagination we're tied to that which is infinite that's unbelievable potentiality because we barely scratched what is inside of us and then independent will we can act on that imagination we can act on that conscience the universal conscience the universal conscience of all mankind and we can act upon it we could swim upstream Wiki go against the current you need all four human endowments to optimize self-awareness is not sufficient in my opinion it's focused on too much constant exploration of one's past and the psychic and social scarring that took place not that it is not helpful and useful I think it is but it is not sufficient it gets imbalanced if you don't use your imagination to create something new to find a new meaning a new value a new future and to independently exercise your willpower to move toward it but imagination is insufficient Hitler was an imaginative person but he had no conscience he was very value driven but the values were not based on principles its self-awareness plus imagination plus conscience plus independent will the key is to take time to pause in that space to tap into those human endowments self-awareness imagination conscience and independent will then begin to act small slow ways [Music] you can usually tell a person's proactive or reactive nature by listening to their language it's kind of a fingerprint of where the locus of control is whether it's inside or outside really I can't do this have to do this and a student one time she excused me from class I have to go into tennis trip I said what what we just finished talking about how the language of the proactive person is I choose to I prefer to yes no I will the language of the reactive person I have to a must if only I can't I haven't time I'm low man on the totem pole look what's above me the people who need this aren't here or if they are here they're not getting it I was going through all of that he said excuse me from class next week I have to go on the tennis trip he said what I have to go in the tent strip you you what I have to go you have to go you have to go oh yeah what will happen if you don't go they'll kick me off the team seems like a natural consequence to me you don't go on the trips you can't be on the team what laughing if you don't come to my class I don't know what's the natural consequence I'm not coming to class I don't know I think what naturally will happen if you don't come to class well I mean you wouldn't kick me out would you laughs that would be a social consequence that's artificial it's not natural if you won't participate you shouldn't be on the team on a tennis team that would be natural what will naturally happen if you don't come to class I guess I'd missed the learning that's right I know if it were me I choose to go on the tennis trip but never say you have to do anything you have the power to choose he meekly said I choose there was a tennis trip and this my class you're always working with an analysis of alternative consequences and then you're making a choice about the actions remember you can choose your actions but you cannot choose the consequences they're governed by natural laws or principles you may be in some environments where they're governed by social values social rules then you may have to make some tough decisions either to become a change catalyst in some way or to seek elsewhere particularly if you've done a lot of sharpening the saw professionally personally and have all kinds of options because you are not economically dependent you're economically independent that doesn't mean wealthy that means you have the power to produce sufficient wealth for your needs and the needs of your family why because your skills are not obsolete think on it this way two circles the larger outer circle you call the circle of concern things you're concerned about things you're worried about but then there is an inner circle that's very small that are concerns you have influence over where do proactive people focus their energies which circle the inner circle where the reactive people focus their energies the outer circle why because they're victimized look at this person I have to live with look at how my boss is dead in in my career she says she has an open mind but she has a closed mind look at these kids they're driving me crazy why do you choose to go crazy well I mean what else could you do well I don't know think I don't know think what are there alternatives do you have other than going crazy I don't know think hard I guess I could maybe try to rebuild the relationship to a point that we can come up with some discipline agreements what's your choice you have the power always treat people as if they're proactive the more irresponsible they are the more you teach them about their responsibility always work on the inner circle it is a marvelous thing it is inevitable inevitable if you work on the inner circle it will get larger always why the energy there is positive you're doing something at the outside edge of that inner circle that wins more confident with other people the way you treat them the way you make and keep promises the way you apologize when you make mistakes the way you gather feedback the way you give feedback the way you're trying to play God in someone's life the way you seek to understand what's important to the other so that your presentations are made in terms of their frame of reference their language their value system you're constantly making deposits into the emotional bank account but if you focus on the outer circle you're taking withdrawals you're judging you're criticizing you don't seek to understand you're not consistent all in the name of their inconsistency you overreact in the name of their overreaction you're bad-mouthing behind their back unaware that the people you're talking to as you did a bad-mouthing know you're gonna do the same thing about them and they're just that relationship if you want to retain those who are present my friends always be loyal to those who are absent they know your principle-centered they know you're nice not sucking up to the social value system that you're a person of integrity have standards you will not participate in negative energy exchanges or do anything that in any way would create a feeling of disrespect toward another person because they know that would attach to them sometime under another situation that's why you would never confide with one child about another or make comparisons or quick quips and judgments and labels because you create a culture but they know you're doing the same thing about them when the situation changes no there's a steadiness about you that is based on principles that never change not based upon moods that are volatile and mercurial that are always going up and down so by working on the inner circle against larger and larger and larger and eventually you begin to deal with some of those concerns that you have that today you couldn't even begin to touch I could take you to not tens but to hundreds perhaps even thousands by now of organizations that are going through a profound transformation and it started with a person at the bottom who worked on the circle of influence who took responsibility who was patient lived the law of the harvest who the circle of influence gradually got larger and larger in most cases they came in contact with someone that had a huge circle of influence then leverage multiplication took place exponential leverage started to influence entire divisions entire companies multi-billion multinationals let me share with you one of the most powerful instructive illuminating experiences along this line of habit one to be proactive that I've ever had I worked with an organization for four years and was the assistant to the president he was a very dynamic visionary person so talented so intelligent so visionary that it could just about compensate for a multitude of sins as far as the outside world was concerned but his style was very controlling and dictatorial consequently all the people around felt that they were treated like Gophers as if they had no judgment of their own go for this do this do this golfer golfer golfer golfer golfer see and they would sit around basically in the executive corridors confessing the president since it's not being war stories we tell you the latest I had things going he came in to my department gave a different signal and totally disrupted the whole you think that's wait till you hear this hey why don't we get together at lunch we can go further into it it's fun it's fun because it becomes a kind of common cement that unites you Construction people have the expression bad mud meaning if the basic content of the brick is flawed you stress the brick of a break it's the same thing happens every time you badmouth it's bad mud at the time that you unite you but you take a stress on that relationship it'll break it because they know you're doing the same thing the inner circle Withers one man name was Ben he was proactive his life has not a function to the president's weaknesses he was aware of them they were in a circle of concern but not a circle of influence therefore he smiled a lot he didn't disempower himself he used his strains to compensate for the president's weaknesses in his own small circle of influence with his own people very strong considerate courageous buffer he ran with the president's strengths which were predict ulis enormous so in his area the president's strengths and his strengths compensated for the president's weaknesses started to cause the circle to get larger in his own area he also exercised so much more initiative he was treated like a gofer go for this go for this but he was the best gopher around he not only went for the data he tried to anticipate the need I think the president wants that for a board meeting I'm gonna give him the data the analysis all the data and the recommendations based on that analysis and I'm gonna put it in the presentation former president say to me I can't believe man just amazing really look what he's done I asked him to get this he anticipated my need he's analyzed it he developed alternative recommendations he came up with one and it's in the form that I can make to the board I think I'll have him naked circle of influence next meetings go for this go for this go for this go for this Ben what's your opinion what do you think the reactive Minds did in the executive corridors that day she reacted people are always looking for evidence all bet there's some kind of favoritism going on here the problem is been dealt with him in the same way he dealt with the president over a four-year period I saw been become the number two person in the organization his circle of influence got so large even the president would not make any significant moves without bends flushing and been read the culture understood the culture so the president's weakness in style was being compensated for by Ben's strength with cultural awareness so that the president's judgments about how to implement this vision actualize the vision or strengthen them amazing thing [Music] someone came to me one time and said maybe you can help me I really like this material but I don't know the feeling in our marriage just isn't there anymore and yet we're concerned about these children and I said well love her well as I indicated the feeling isn't there the love just isn't there any suggestions love her well how do you love when you don't love love is a verb love the feeling is the fruit of love the verb study all the great literature of all the civilizations and societies that have been derd and show me anywhere where love is appealing that's the Hollywood culture love the feeling is the fruit look at the love that a mother feels for the new baby that she just carried and delivered into the world she produced the love she feels she sacrificed love is a verb first and foremost then it is a feeling forgiveness is a verb forgetting is a verb I have seen so many relationships rebuilt if only one of the parties will cultivate these proactive muscles and you have to practice these muscles like doing push-ups you can't all of a sudden develop strong muscles there's a price that has to be paid and it takes patience try this for 30 days test this concept of proactivity for 30 days work only on the inner circle for 30 days smile about the rest on any relationship be a light not a judge be a model not a critic for 30 days many couldn't make it past the first night because they're so addicted to victim ISM and they were absorbing themselves a responsibility see if I am NOT responsible what am I irresponsible so it's easier psychologically to say I'm not responsible than to say I'm irresponsible but then you've denied the vision about yourself that you have the power to choose your response for 30 days say to yourself anytime I think the problem is up there that is the problem this 30 day test will prove to you the pragmatic power of being proactive you're always kind of taking initiative you go home the places of masks you say nothing you confess no one sins you pick it up smiling me cheerfully and then you have a good visit with the person whose job you just did and you don't give in but you don't give up your pleasant I want to listen to you first what happened you honor the person you had the power to choose your response just do it for 30 days 30 days what is the downside my friend one of the initial downsides they'll question your sincerity you know you're killing me with a kindness and all that it's just the new thing you learn did you attend a parenting seminar I thought you said that this was a management seminar think of the upside you could become a transition figure in your own family you know what that means how many here see tendencies in you you're not happy with them how many see some of those Tennessee is going into your kits how many have grandkids and you see some of them going to that generation how many see some of those tendencies in your parents grandparents I just went through five generations you know what a transition figure is it means you stop the transmission of those tendencies with you you stop them they don't go into your kids if they're deep in you you're gonna have to practice more proactive muscles imagination conscience independent well more integrity more personal sacrifice do they get out of you so they don't go into your kids it doesn't affect them their spirits and their attitudes you came out of an angry family and you're just full of gentleness sweetness and kindness why because in some way you absorb the other and radiated the new that was part of your mission statement you came out of families that did fighting and fighting to solve problems you've learned to do problem-solving synergistically you know what we'll do it'll back up it'll start to affect your brothers and sisters your parents if they're still living that's what a transition figure is to stop that and to create a new tradition same thing in your business as you know for well the old bureaucracies the old authoritarian approaches are dying out they survive only on a local or regional basis when you're against the global marketplace you've got to have deep empowerment you can't be a little tin god anymore and throw your weight around and create a high trust culture you have to learn to tap into the latent intelligence of all people that's what a transition figure is [Music]
Omer Atay - 2020-06-28
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Anonymous - 2020-06-17
Hello, thanks for the amazing work, it is super useful to copy paste from PDF.
Nevertheless i have noticed it leaves all the text without the font formatting, like blacked or underlined text, ends like regular text. Would it be possible to create a non edditing version of the macro?