Insert Yearly Calendar

Description : Inserts a calendar of the selected year


Author(s) : that0n3guy, Omer Atay
Category : Calendar
Last Updated : January 06, 2017
Requirements : OneNote 2010 or above
Screenshot :

Insert Yearly Calendar

Select Year
First Day of Week
One or two columns?
Large Format Day Width
Large Format Day height
Changelog :

January 06, 2017 (DB908F) - that0n3guy
Added selectors: - Day Width - Day height - month column numbers Also used newlines ("\n") instead of paragraphs for 2016 performance bug fix.

December 07, 2016 (7A4433) - Omer Atay
Initial Version


Omer Atay - 2017-01-06
that0n3guy: Anyone can improve any macro and share with everyone else. Thanks for improving this macro.
that0n3guy - 2017-01-06
Omer: Cool, I didn't know I could update yours!
Omer Atay - 2017-01-06
that0n3guy: Feel free to share it to Macroland to update this macro.