Table Cell Background and Paragraph Spacing in Macros

November 17, 2018

New properties are available in Macro Language to allow changing table cell background colors and paragraph spacing. These properties are only available on OneNote 2013, therefore macros that use them cannot be installed on OneNote 2010.

The new properties are:

A sample macro that changes the shading of alternate rows of the selected table is available in Macroland: Shade Alternate Table Rows. You can see it in action below.

Paragraph spacing properties were originally read-only. They are now made read-write. Paragraph spacing options are also added to Custom Styles again for OneNote 2013 and above versions. This update additionally includes a number of bug fixes.


AlexIkon - 2018-12-03
You're AWESOME, Thank you so much for finally getting to the spacing feature, It's so beautiful now, It got me almost jumping when I saw that now it's finally supported!
Now it's time to end this horrible mess (old spacing) in my notes
*bow to the ground*
TJ - 2018-11-30
is there a macro that sets the new pages to be automatically added at the top without me having to constantly resort or click "add to top"?
Nic - 2018-11-26
OneNote calendar freezes when I launch it for the first time on the "Please pick a language" page.  It just spins and spins

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