Onetastic with Dark Mode Support to Match OneNote Theme

May 23, 2020

Since Microsoft announced they are bringing OneNote Desktop app for Windows back to active development, they added dark mode support for those who prefer that to light backgrounds. This can be set under File > Options > General, choosing Black under Office Theme. Now Onetastic will follow this setting and will display its windows in Dark Mode. You will also notice that the icons are re-colored to look better in this mode. If you change your theme from dark to light or the other way around, you will need to restart OneNote for Onetastic to update its theme.

Here are some screenshots of Onetastic in dark mode:

Download Macros window in dark mode

Download Macros window in dark mode

Hope you enjoy the new dark theme support.


kevin Hu - 2020-07-05
The interface of "Download Macros"  only display:

”There was an error thile getting macros from Macroland“

without anyting
michael r rodgers - 2020-07-04
Christian - 2020-06-28
Another subject
In macro “clean timestamps” she doesn’t work

I would like delete the link “Capture d'écran effectuée : vendredi 26 juin 2020 09:23” how I will do ?
Thank a lot

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