Update for OneCalendar: Page Previews and Scrolling

July 09, 2012

New features are available for OneCalendar. You will be automatically updated next time you start it. Let's have a look at the new stuff:

Page Previews

OneCalendar shows page titles on the calendar, however sometimes it is not enough to see just a title to identify a page. When you hover over the title, you see a tooltip showing the notebook and section name to help a bit but wouldn't it be great if you could also see the page contents without having to open the page? Well page previews does exactly that. You can now hover over the page title and get a preview of the page:

Page Previews

If you don't want to have this behavior, then you can choose to disable it in the Settings screen. The option is selected by default.

Start week on Monday

Some parts of the world uses Sunday as the first day of the week and some others use Monday. OneCalendar used Sunday. Now I added an option to change this to Monday. Find the option in the Settings screen.

Use mouse wheel to scroll, navigate and zoom

In the last update I added several keyboard shortcuts to help with navigation and zoom (font size). I realized that for some types of functionality, mouse wheel is very intuitive to use. For instance most applications allow Ctrl + Mouse wheel to zoom in and out. So the following is added to improve usability:

Larger font sizes

OneCalendar had 4 different font sizes: Very Small, Small, Medium, Large. For those of you who like to see things bigger, I added two more font sizes: Larger and Extra Large. Check them out in Settings or use your mouse wheel with Ctrl or use Ctrl +/-. By the way the Ctrl +/- shortcut would only work with the + and - keys on the far right of the keyboard, that is the ones on the number pad, but wouldn't work with the + and - keys on the number line next to the backspace. I hooked that up for laptops that don't have a number pad.

That is it. Enjoy the new features. Let me know your impressions and new ideas for improving OneCalendar or the Onetastic add-in with your comments below.


Omer Atay - 2018-02-11
Wolfgang Lemmerz: Try the "Recent Edits with Author Info" macro: https://getonetastic.com/macro-A166E5BB77AB4269BB02783153C06216
Wolfgang Lemmerz - 2018-02-09
I am using a lot of different OneNote Books during the day and use this at the end of the day to summarize where I made changes on a daily page.
It would be really great if could copy the links from OneCalendar into OneNote. Are there any macros that would do this?
MikeMoreland - 2016-05-13
I noticed that page previews on the calendar do not display if the page is a sub page, and the sub pages are collapsed under the parent. Instead of a preview the message "Failed to load preview for this page: The file does not exist" is displayed along with the path of the parent page. If I go back to the notebook and expand all sub pages, then the preview will display. It suggests that I have to leave all notes expanded. Please review this for a possible improvement to display page previews (along with full path) whether the sub page is collapsed or not. Thank you.

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