Update for OneCalendar: Settings, Keyboard shortcuts, Go to Today

January 22, 2012

New features are available for OneCalendar. If you already have it installed either as standalone or as part of Onetastic, you don't need to do anything. It will update itself when you run it next time. This will be the first test of the built-in upgrade mechanism so let me know if things don't work as expected. As to the new features, there are plenty, some small some big. Ideas for them came from people who use it, so it is important for you to give feedback as that is the primary driver for any update. I also updated the OneCalendar page with the new features so if you want to see old and new features together as a whole, you can do so there.

New screen to manage bunch of settings for OneCalendar

To access the settings screen click on the gear icon at the bottom right. Settings button You will also notice that the view selector (month/week/day) is moved to this location. Clicking on the gear icon will take you to the new screen below: Settings screen The settings you can configure here are: You can leave the Settings screen by using the back button at the top or the Escape or Backspace buttons.

Full week and day info on the title area and title bar

OneCalendar title area used to show the month you are viewing, e.g. January 2012, even if you are on the week or day view. Now it will show the week or day you are viewing, e.g. 22 - 28 January 2012, or 22 January 2012. Title This info will also show in the title bar so if you don't hide window captions in your taskbar you can see this on the taskbar button for OneCalendar, or use it to differentiate between multiple windows: Taskbar previews

Go to a day by clicking on its number

On the month and week view, you can click on a day number to quickly switch to day view and navigate to that day. Previously you would have to switch to day view and then find the day with previous/next buttons as it would switch to some seemingly random day in the month.

Keyboard shortcuts for font size, view and navigation

You can now use keyboard shortcuts to change font size (Ctrl+- and Ctrl++), view (Month: Ctrl+1, Week: Ctrl+2, Day: Ctrl+3) and navigation (Ctrl+Left Arrow and Ctrl+Right Arrow). See more below.

Go to Today / This Week / This Month

When you are viewing a month, week or day that is not the current month, week or day, you can click on the little button on the bottom left to quickly get back to the current month, week or day. You can also use Ctrl+0 shortcut for this. Today button

Refresh Button

F5 was used previously to refresh the page list from OneNote. You can now also use the Refresh button at the bottom right corner: Refresh button

Enjoy all the new features and let me know about any issues or other comments below.


JodyRoody - 2021-06-12
I do not comprehend ‘single instance’ use vs  onetastic  OneNote
JodyRoody - 2021-06-12
I do not comprehend ‘single instance’ use vs  onetastic  OneNote
Bin - 2019-01-17
The highlight colors in OneCalendar are not added, but can be extracted from corresponding sections I guess.

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