The Stubborn Docked Window

January 12, 2012

If you like to take notes in OneNote while consuming other content on your computer, OneNote has a feature called "Dock to Desktop" to serve you. You can dock your OneNote window to any side of the screen and other windows will not overlap with it. However I've heard from many customers that they are unable to move this docked window to another side of the screen. They get it to the wrong side by mistake and they can't move it back. I tried to explain how this works and how to move it with words, but it was not clear enough for many, and a video, I hope, will explain it clearly. So watch it below for a quick intro on the "docked" mode and how to move the docked OneNote window.



Dave - 2019-03-21
Aylin - 2019-02-22
Thank you. It was sooooo helpfull :D
Sam - 2019-01-27

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