Onetastic Update: Support for Pages with Equations

August 15, 2017
There has been a long standing issue in Onetastic macros about pages containing equations (also known as math zones). Many macros would remove the equations on the page they execute since they didn't know how to deal with equation objects. This did not affect many users who do not use equations, but meant that some students and teachers who heavily use equations couldn't reliably use Onetastic.

Today an update is available which adds support for equations in the macro engine, so that they would be preserved on the page. Equation objects are still not available through macro language, so you cannot edit or generate them with macros, however existing equations on a page should no longer be affected when a macro is executed on the page. If you are using equations in OneNote and have had trouble with macros in the past, feel free to give the update a try and report any issues you may found.


tpuehri - 2017-12-03

is there a way to restore a WHOLE Notebook from the standard Onenote backup only taking the latest backup of a section(page) and eliminating the timestamp in brackets from the page name?
My Notebook crashed an for 2 Notebooks i have only the local OneNote backup. Having many pages it would be a lot of work to copy and rename alle the .One files and create a new Notebook.

Thx for your help!
Omer Atay - 2017-09-15
MB: What version of Onetastic are you using?
MB - 2017-09-15
When trying to rotate my pdfs Onetastic crashes and OneNote disables the add-in.

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