Onetastic and OneCalendar Now Available in Spanish

May 18, 2014

Onetastic and OneCalendar now has an update with Spanish as a language option. With this update they are available in 8 languages. See this earlier post on details about how language can be selected.

Spanish translation was provided by José Rodriguez. If you want to translate Onetastic or see the current translation status, visit this page.


Julieth - 2015-01-22
Hello, I have downloaded Onetastic the 64-bit version for OneNote 2013, my mother tongue is Spanish, so I use the program in Spanish, however when I installed Onetastic and I chose the Spanish version, once I run the program and I try to use the Onetastic features it is not in Spanish, I certainly don't know what language it is, but it is not Spanish. This is what appears in the top bar:

Nájst' a Nájst' a
nahradit' zvfraznit'
Oznaclt' Zmenit'
obrázky velkost'
Ob rázky
Odstránit' Odstránit' hypertextové ZmenSit' Zvã
velkosf písma velkosf písma
pre poje nia
Automatické Funkc.e

However other functions like the cropping one when I right click a picture, do appear in Spanish.

I don't know if this a problem that only happens to me, or if the translation has not been done properly...

Anyway I hope to get some help with this problem, for now I will use Onetastic in English, but it would be great if you could solve this problem. Thank you.

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