New Deployment Options

December 13, 2016

One of the most requested features for Onetastic is the ability to deploy it silently from an admin account as well as to enter license information as part of the installation, rather than having to enter it manually later. Both of these are now available with a new update.

Silent Deployment

Onetastic installer now accepts a command line parameter (/config) which switches it to silent mode. In this mode the installer will not display any UI and silently install Onetastic. Since it doesn't display any UI, it won't be able to display any errors it may encounter. You can check its exit code (via %errorlevel%) to see if it succeeded or not. A successful install will end with a 0 exit code and a failure will have a 1 exit code.

Admin Deployment

In the earlier versions of Onetastic, the installer had to be started in the context of the actual user that wants to use it. Running the installer in the context of an admin (Run as Administrator) would install it for the admin user and not the current user. This causes some problems when the admin has to install it (locally or remotely). The latest version of Onetastic allows installer to be executed by an administrator and it will install it for all users of the computer.

License Deployment

You can now deploy your Onetastic Pro license along with the installation so that if you are deploying to many users remotely, they won't have to enter license details. This is done via the configuration file passed with /config flag. When users use the features that require a license, the license will be automatically activated using the license information in the configuration file. This way you don't have to share the license information with the users and everything will go smoothly in terms of user experience.

Server Deployment

In the past Onetastic supported only client deployments where a single user is using a PC with Onetastic installed. Multiple users using the same computer were not allowed to activate Pro licenses. A second user that activates Pro license on a computer would de-activate the license from the first user. This isn't suitable with server deployments where the software is installed on the server and users connect to it remotely and each user wants to activate the license. Onetastic now supports server deployments where multiple users are allowed to activate a Pro license simultaneously. This will allow companies with application servers to use it with a Pro license.

More Information on New Deployment Options

To learn more about all these new features consult the new how-to pages below. You can find examples of how to configure silent deployments, how to specify license information with the installer and how to choose deployment types.

Macro Updates

Following macros in Macroland are updated:

Transpose Table

Fixed a bug where macro would give "Invalid XML" error if the table has more rows then columns

Insert Monthly Calendar

Now inserts the calendar to where the cursor is instead of at the end of the page

New Macros

Several new macros have been added to Macroland since the last update. Check them out:

Diary Pages

Create Group Section ( Diary 2017)->Create month TAB ( January )->Macro will create diary pages for a given month

Insert Yearly Calendar

Inserts a calendar of the selected year



TOC in Current Subpages

Creates a table of contents of the current page subpages

Proofing Language Page -> Bulgarian (BG)

Sets the proofing language on selected page to Bulgarian(BG)

Team Activity Tracker

A small team of IT Support techs use OneNote as an activity tracker for the team. Each day has its own page, with a table for tracking their work. Each month is its own section, and each year is a section group. This Macro allows them to create an entire year's worth of blank pages in about 5 minutes.

Create Task Cards

Create tasks cards on the page

Sample - Move Last Row To Top

Sample macro showing how to rearrange rows in a table

Collect Clipped URLs

Collect clipped URLs from current section or notebook

Sort Pages in all Sections in Notebook

Sort each page in current notebook by name, pages in section stay in section and are sorted among themselves, sub pages stay under their parent pages and sorted among themselves

White Theme

To reset theme to defaults which is white background with black font colour, this macro is very useful if you are unable to undo changes of custom theme such as black theme, etc


P - 2016-12-28
Just downloaded onetastic and the TOC page macro. WOW! It's awesome! Thank you for making this!
Omer Atay - 2016-12-25
CardDolphin: The macro had a bug which is now fixed. Please download it again and give it a try
CardDolphin - 2016-12-25
I'm very new to OneNote and just tried my first Onetastic macro - Diary Pages.  I noticed that the day of the week is one day off from the date.  For example, January 1, 2017 is listed as Saturday instead on Sunday.  Is there something I did incorrectly?

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