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Now supporting current section, current notebook and all notebooks

November 06, 2013

Search and Replace macro is updated to allow searching in current section, current notebook and all notebooks, in addition to the previous options of current page and selection. The built-in version is also updated so if you download Onetastic now, you will get the new macro. If you already have Onetastic, you need to go to Macroland to update your macro. An upgrade won't update your existing macro to prevent it from overwriting it in case you modified it to suit your needs.

Search & Replace

Find what
Replace with

Note that search and replace in a section, notebook or all notebooks is an action that cannot be undone. So if you want to use this with very important data you have, you should first test this out in a test environment where you don’t have risk of losing data (or backup your data first). And of course you can report any issues you may encounter.

This update of Onetastic also contains a fix for the page XML dialog (Settings > Show Page XML). The dialog did not work well with pages with too much content, as there was a limit on the textbox. This limit is now removed so that even very long pages can be edited using this dialog.


Kym Charlesworth - 2018-06-25
I second Dave Easey's suggestion.

Also, I tend to use the same 3 or 4 Search & Replace items.  Would be ideal if the last 5 Search & Replace items were available in a drop down to save re-typing.
thegaryb - 2018-05-31
I am trying to anonymise names in a note book but there are PDFs within it, so its hanging because its searching the PDFs.  Is there any way to amend the macro to add in file extension exclusions ? EG PDFs
Dave Easey - 2017-04-24
Thanks for adding Search and Replace.
Make it behave like Excel - dialog stays open after executing the search/replace, with the entered find/replace values intact. And even if it is closed, values are remembered the next time find/replace is selected.
Reason: To allow a set of similar replaces to be carried out more easily. The user can edit the scope, change the replace with value (for example) and execute again.
'Keep open' and 'Remember values' could be options.
Exception to keeping to the Excel behaviour:
The second time Ctrl-H is typed in Excel, the dialog is opened with the Replace With box in focus. This is not good as the natural behaviour is to hit Ctrl-H and start typing the Find What value.

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