Onetastic and OneCalendar Now Available in Russian

With some bug fixes for Macros

December 21, 2013

Onetastic and OneCalendar now has an update with Russian as a language option in addition to the previous options of English, German, Simplified Chinese and Turkish. See this earlier post on details about how language can be selected.

Russian translation is provided by Michael Dutov. If you want to translate Onetastic or see the current translation status, visit this page.

This update also comes with two bug fixes in Macros. First one is for Chrome users. When you want to share a macro to Macroland a browser page opens to do the upload. If you happen to be using Chrome as your default browser, the page would not display properly and you could not complete the upload. This was because the page was in UTF-16 but it didn't have a BOM. Internet Explorer and Firefox didn't have a problem with this but apparently Chrome required it. So with this update, the page should display properly and you should be able to upload macros using Chrome. Let me know if there are still problems.

The second fix is for a specific issue regarding columns of newly created tables in Macros. When creating tables using macros, you may want to set the column widths. This wasn't possible till now because the macro processor did not create the column structures until the page was saved first, which was at the end of macro execution. Now any time you create a table and add cells to it, the necessary column structures will be created and can further be modified by the same macro. This was an issue with the Insert Monthly Calendar macro. Users wanted it to create the calendar table with sufficient width on each column, but it couldn't (without a workaround to add dashes at the end of day names). Now it is updated to properly set the column widths.

Enjoy the update and let me know of any questions or suggestions.


Omer Atay - 2014-01-24
tarisea, you can\'t replace paragraph marks with spaces using macros. You can do this in Word though. You can search for ^p (or ^l depending on whether it is a paragraph break or a line break) and replace with a space.
Omer Atay - 2014-01-24
Karl Olson, I am aware that whenever you run a macro, some bullets go one level to the left. This seems to be a OneNote bug. I will investigate further to verify that. Once they go left, they won\'t go any more for subsequent runs, so if you are OK with the result after first macro run, you may just leave it as is and it won\'t happen again for those bullets.
tarisea - 2014-01-23
Hi.  Using the search and replace macro is there any way I can search for formatting.  I need to be able to find all the paragraph marks and replace with spaces.

Thank you for your help

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