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With a Minor Update for Onetastic with Bug Fixes

July 25, 2014

An update is available for OneCalendar today with ability to search your notes on the calendar view. The pages on the calendar view (month, week or day) will be filtered using the keywords entered. This uses OneNote's instant search so it will be the same result you will get when searching in OneNote. To search, click on the search box or hit Ctrl+F and then start typing your keywords. Search will kick in as you type and you will see the results instantly.

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At the same time with this update on OneCalendar, a minor update is available for Onetastic that fixes a bunch of bugs and adds a small feature to the Macro language and another to the Macro editor. First the list of fixed bugs:

Now the list of features added

The last one made editing macros much easier as it freed at least me from using mouse to author and edit macros.


Thoralf - 2017-03-30
improvement idea:
tags should get a property "due date" set by the user. This property should be visualized in the OneCalendar.

This would be great.
Chris M. - 2015-11-13
The calendar app pulls in too much information making it unusable.  It would be a useful tool for me if it pulled in information tied to a selectable tag.  Then, I could tailor the calendar to show what I needed it to show rather than pull any page with a date that falls in the month being shown.  
Nettie - 2015-01-05
Have put both 32 version and 64 version on and does not show anything on calendar.  Not picking up anything.  When I looked at it originally and your sample, it worked great now nothing.  What do I need to set to make it work. Need it for business purposes....

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