Another update with more bug fixes and new macros

November 10, 2016

Onetastic version 3.2.3 is available with bug fixes, Macro Language updates and new and updated macros in Macroland.

Bug Fixes

Blurry user interface and layout issues in high resolution displays

This caused some user interface elements to be very blurry or incorrectly laid out in dialog boxes on high DPI displays. Now things should be crisp.

Macros don't show up after installing them

For some users, macros wouldn't show up after installing them for the first time. This is now fixed.

Documentation for QueryText function

The Macro Documentation and function reference in Macro Editor was incorrect for QueryText function. Specifically the last parameter was incorrectly documented to do case sensitive search when true, while it was the opposite.

String literals "." and "-." confused Macro Editor

Macro Editor would get confused if literals "." or "-." was used in a macro.

Macro Language Updates

Paragraph.text property

Paragraph objects get a new property "texts" which returns an array of Text objects in that paragraph. This will make it easier to inspect paragraph contents. Previously the only way was QueryObjects and QueryText methods which gave undesired results when there are indented paragraphs.

Macro Updates

Following macros in Macroland are updated:

Outlook Email Date Stamp

This macro is now updated to fix issues with time being off by 1 hour. It will detect timezone automatically and will no longer ask for it.

Extract highlighted Text

This macro was broken in a recent update. It is now all good again.

Collapse Pages in Notebook

This macro was giving an error if the notebook has pages in the recycle bin.

Search Multi-Keywords

This macro was also broken in an update and it wasn't reporting the search results. It now does.

New Macros

Several new macros have been added to Macroland since the last update. Check them out:

Table to Text

Converts the selected table to text, columns separated by tabs. Preserves formatting but will remove any images

Replace Line Breaks with Paragraph Breaks

Replaces line-breaks (inserted with Shift+Enter) with paragraph-breaks in selected text

Align Left

Aligns Left all selected containers to the topmost selected one

Align Right

Aligns right all selected containers to the topmost selected one

Align Top

Aligns Top all selected containers to the topmost selected one

Align Bottom

Aligns Bottom all selected containers to the bottom most selected one

Insert One Cell Table

Insert a single celled table in an outline.

Insert page with selected text as title

Inserts a new page at the bottom of the section and makes the selected text the title. It also creates a link back to the original page.

Insert FILES

Inserts a text string for clickable hyperlink to a file in filesystem


Inserts text string REVERSE with red background and white font color

Horizontal Spacing

This will make all selected content containers equaly spaced horizontaly away from each other (starting with topmost container), Enter into the dialog box how much you want the spacing to be.

Vertical Spacing

This will make all selected content containers equaly spaced away from each other, Enter into the dialog box how much you want the spacing to be.

Select All Containers

Selects All Containers

Add Comment

Add comments to selected text. The selected text is highlighted with a color picked from a built-in pallette. Comments are put into their own section on the right of the commented text and marked with the same highlight color.  

Insert Date - ISO 8601 Basic Format at Beginning of Page

Insert "YYYYMMDD - " at title location

Create new page with an ID for a Zettel

Creates a new Zettelkasten-Page in the current section with title beginning with yyyymmdd


Larry - 2017-10-28
Thank you for your continuous updates to this great product.
Omer Atay - 2017-04-07
Marser: Please e-mail so that we can troubleshoot your problem
Marser - 2017-04-07
downloaded your latest version of Onetastic ver3.3. it installed but does not show any menu items. I have uninstalled and reinstalled with the same results..

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