New and Updated Macros

August 24, 2017

Following macros in Macroland have been updated recently:

Sort Sections

Added option to sort all sections in a notebook rather than just the current section group

Insert Horizontal Line

Updated to insert a new line after the horizontal line and put the insertion point there so that user can start typing

Sort Pages

Added an option to sort only selected pages in current section as opposed to all pages in the current section

Capitalize Titles

Fixed an issue where uppercase I would be converted to lowercase dotless i (ı)

Content Map in Current Section / Content Map in Current Page

Fixed incorrect graph 'drawing' and removed whitespace headings

Sort by Tag

Added option to keep paragraphs with a symbol tag together vs keep paragraphs with a formatting tag (font/highlight color) together when sorting paragraphs with multiple tags.

Sort Notebooks

Added ascending/descending options

Insert Monthly Calendar

Added day height and width settings.

TOC in Current Section

Fixed an issue where TOC links in Fast Mode would not work.

Set Page Date & Time

Added option to set the page date/time on all pages in current section, section group, notebook or selected pages in the current section

New Macros

Several new macros have been added to Macroland since the last update. Check them out:

List Password Protected Sections

Lists the password protected sections in the current notebook

Create sections from list of titles

Creates sections in the current notebook (or section group) from a given list of titles separated by semicolon (;)

Sentence Case

Capitalize the first letter in each sentence in the selected text

Search & Replace in Titles

Search and replace text in titles of pages in selected pages, current section, notebook or all notebooks

Set Page to Staedtler Engineer

Set the Page to emulate Staedtler engineering computation pad ala TOPS TOP35502

Set Page Level to Two for All Pages in Section

Modifies every page level property in current section and sets it to 2

Add current paragraph link to currently selected text

Transform into an hyperlink to their own paragraph all selected texts in the current page

Generate Random String

Generates a random string of 10 characters and inserts it to the current page

Set Page Level to 1 for All Pages in Section

Modifies every page level property in current section and sets it to 1

Capitalize Page Titles

Capitalize titles of pages under selected scope

Sample Create Section Hierarchy

Creates a sample section group/section hierarchy


Simon - 2018-03-21
Is there a crop all images macro? Can't seem to find anything other than cropping individual images.
Omer Atay - 2018-03-12
KimWilson: This looks like a bug. We will have a look at it.
Kim Wilson - 2018-03-01
I have the most recent version of Onetastic
Now the popup doesn't seem to be appearing, but when I click on the "Download Macros" button in the toolbar, then change from Macros from Macroland to Installed Macros.  Then I click on one of my macros in the list for "Update State: Update Available" and click on the Update button, a popup show to update to Onetastic Pro.  I close it, then click on the Update button again (just for one macro at a time) and it comes up again.  I cannot update the macro.    I am using OneNote 2016, Windows7 OS

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