Featured Macro: Insert Monthly Calendar

July 14, 2017

Insert Monthly Calendar is the most popular macro in Macroland. Its macro page is now updated with this short video that explains its features. More macros will have these videos in the coming days and weeks, which will help understand what they do before downloading and trying them.

You can see the indication of available videos on macro lists on Macroland with the play button next to the macro description and view them right there.

Macro Insert Monthly Calendar


Marvin L Baker - 2017-07-25
Thank you for your solution...I had not been able to identify a key combination that did this, but the info you supplied does the trick.

Thank you mucho.
Omer Atay - 2017-07-23
Marvin L Baker: Try Ctrl+Shift+A followed by one or more Ctrl+A as needed.
Marvin L Baker - 2017-07-23
A macro to "select all pages" in a section would be very useful by a lot of users.  

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