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August 19, 2014

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Anonymous - 2014-09-18
Omer Atay;  Wow, XP not supported?  That's a first for me, finding an app which does not support XP.  Yeah, I know, its old, but there are millions of folks still using XP because it still works.  
Cyrus Jamula - 2014-09-16
I would like the ability to roam my macros so I don\'t need to re-add them for each computer.

Put it on Onedrive so it auto syncs.

I want onetastic on ARM
Louise - 2014-09-16
Have you clever people found a way to use Onetastic to identify and delete the duplicate pages which are created when a section is repaired?
This is a chronic problem with me. So much functionality in Onetastic.. there should be a way, no?

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