New Properties, Bug Fixes and Syntax Highlighting for Macros

July 30, 2016

An update is available for Onetastic that adds new properties to objects in Macros, fixes some frequently reported crashes and adds syntax highlighting in Macro Editor.

New Properties

Following properties are added to Macros:

Syntax Highlighting

Macro Editor will now highlight the syntax of your expressions making it easier to read the code. It was mostly black with only keywords in blue and comments in green before, and now variables, properties, string and boolean expressions will use different colors. Also expressions will be highlighted with a background when you hover over them making it easy to see which expression will be edited when you click on them. See below for a visual comparison:

Old Macro Editor with limited syntax highlighting

Old Macro Editor

New Macro Editor with improved syntax highlighting

New Macro Editor

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Following bug fixes and improvements are also included in this update:

Head over to the downloads page to download this update.


Omer Atay - 2016-10-25
George Carey: You can't download or you can't install? You should download them as .onetastic files and then locate the file on disk and double click to install.
George Carey - 2016-10-25
I cant get the macros to download.  Keeps saying application not found.  I have looked at the installed programs and it is there.  What is the problem?
Omer Atay - 2016-10-10
RichDev: I replied to you on the other blog post.

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