Macro bug fixed, High DPI support added

September 19, 2013

Here is a quick update on top of last week's update which brought support for new macros (Change Case and Dim/Undim Tags). I am guessing most users haven't even seen that update yet, however it brought a macro bug which was reported by a colleague at Microsoft. Macros which uses Text objects will incorrectly encode certain characters in XML entity encoding: A double quotation mark (") will turn into " or a less than sign (<) will turn into <. This was somewhat scary so I quickly fixed it and now it won't mess up your text.

In the meantime I was working on High DPI support for Onetastic and OneCalendar. I have been using Macro editor on a 150% DPI laptop and the UI is just too tiny for my eyes because it didn't scale with the system DPI setting. With this update you will see that if you are using high DPI, Onetastic dialogs and OneCalendar will scale properly. An added benefit is that this makes it easier to use them on touch screens as the touch targets are now larger.

Below you can see how things get larger in 150% DPI:

High DPI Scaling

Enjoy the update, and keep your feedback coming.


michael - 2013-09-22
the preview of the page has gone away completely. It was nice to have that there, please bring it back.

Also, would be great if you could check off things in the preview without it jumping to the page
CHPG - 2013-09-22
Onetastic alongside Onenote has transformed the way I work.  

The one thing I would be grateful to have is a one click way of raising an email to somebody to share a link to a page.   This would be better than emailing the page which doesn\'t encourage them to work within Onenote.   Is a macro available to send a link?  
DL-IND - 2013-09-20

While working in the Crop-Image window, could we have keyboard buttons for cropping the image ?
If mouse is not available, it is rather hard for me to crop image by using touch-pad.


Ctrl + up/down arrow to move the Top crop-line 1 pixel
Alt + up/down arrow to move the Bottom crop-line 1 pixel

Ctrl + left/right arrow to move the Left crop-line 1 pixel
Alt + left/right arrow to move the Right crop-line 1 pixel

Thank you

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