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March 08, 2014

Over the past several years, I received hundreds of e-mails from OneNote users asking questions about OneNote or requesting new features or macros to be added to Onetastic or OneCalendar. I try to keep track of the user requests and try to implement them as much as possible. However it is hard to remember who asked what and why. Of course I keep all these in OneNote but it isn't always clear which feature I should work on next as I don't know how many people would want them. Today I am putting the list of features I think I can implement on this website so that users can vote on them.

On this Feature Requests page, you can see a list of features I added. To make it easier to see the large list of features, you can sort them by category, or based on how popular they are among other users or simply how much you voted on each of them. You can vote on each feature by clicking on the voting buttons:


You need to register with the website to be able to vote and each user gets 100 credits for voting. You can see how much credit is left on the same page. After voting for the features you want click on the Save Changes button to submit your vote.


You can change your vote any time you want. When a feature you asked for is implemented the credits you spent on that feature will become available for other features. The list of features will be updated as they are implemented.

But my favorite feature is not on the list

If you want to see a feature in Onetastic or OneCalendar and it is not on the list, you can submit a request to me. You can either use the comment form below or send me an e-mail. If what you are asking for is something doable and usable for most users, I will add it to the list and let you know so that you can vote for it.

Can I get more credits?

Yes, sort of. Several people donated for development of Onetastic and this is a great time for me to return the favor to them. People who donated will get extra credits to use for voting. This way I will be able to provide the features they want as a thank you to their donation. Of course it goes without saying that donations are by definition voluntary and I make no promises to anyone about what I may add to Onetastic or OneCalendar in the future.


Johan - 2019-03-02
I am missing something, because I can't seem to find the list of feature requests to vote on mentioned above.

I would vote all 90 of my points for regular expressions in searching, and the other 10 for one at a time replacement, rather than replace all at once.

Rica International - 2018-09-25
Hello guys!
I have no idea of what a macro is, lo, but I love all the features of Onetastic so far. The calendar is so helpful! I would like to know if I can share it with my clients. thank you!

manavortex - 2018-03-28
regular expressions for QueryText would be amazing. Otherwise, I'd be content if I could iterate in the words under a text object as text objects.

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