Error Reporting

September 22, 2012

Onetastic has an error reporting mechanism which will ask the user to send error reports when an unexpected error occurs during program execution. You will see a dialog like this:

Error Report Contents

Error reports contain the program state, but does not contain any user data or personally identifiable information. They are typically 60KB in size and will upload quickly if you are online.

Manually Sending Error Reports

If you cannot send the report at the time because you are offline, the report is locally saved and you can still submit it later. To do so, locate the report at:
c:\users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Onetastic\onetastic.dmp
You can easily navigate there by clicking Start and typing %appdata%\onetastic, then hit Enter. You can send the onenote.dmp file via e-mail to our contact address available here.

Why Send Error Reports

Sending error reports allows me to be easily notified when Onetastic crashes or behaves unexpectedly, typically due to a bug in Onetastic or OneNote. By sending the report you will help both products and the bugs will likely be fixed in future versions. In fact today I received the first ever error report which allowed me to identify and fix two bugs in Macros. Keep them coming and Onetastic will get better and better faster.


Steve-Alexandria-VA - 2019-02-06
"Sort Selected paragraphs" macro causes my OneNote 2016 to hang.
The only way I can release it is to kill OneNote and restart.
I removed Onetastic and reinstalled it, resulting in the same problem
Please advise how this can troubleshoot and resolve this problem.
I am a hardcore OneNote user and sort paragraphs is essential to my workflow.
Thank you for your help and consideration
mwc - 2016-03-15
I am using the date/time last modified macro, but it does not update when I make changes.  Do I need to do something to update?

Using OneNote 2013 32bit with Onetastic 32 bit (newest version) in Windows 8.1 on Surface Pro 3

Mo H - 2016-02-11
Hi Omer, there may possibly be a bug or 2 with the Under/Directly-under commands in Onetastic v2.15 and up... I know the glitch happens on my system, not sure if it's universal though. Here's a link to a couple of scribbles I made describing the malfunction I'm encountering:

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